For lazy people?Or hang up on the party’s welfare?”Sword scream kyushu” for you to answer

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In modern society, the fast pace of life often makes us tired physically and mentally, and more and more people look forward to the slow pace of life.Back home just want to brush douyin quietly lying on the sofa, playing games just want to let the game play itself, we only enjoy the pleasure of PK and the fun of copy.Sword Scream Kyushu is a good example of “lazy people’s happiness”, with an easy and simple operating system that takes no effort even to play.More humanized operation setting and automatic guidance system, training system, greatly save the time and energy of players, so that you can not only experience the fun of the game can relax, really play the role of the game itself.”Sword scream kyushu” has been adhering to the idea of making players relaxed and comfortable game, constantly optimize and adjust the game system, the new line of more automatic functions, so that players greatly liberated their hands, save players more time.This time, “Sword scream kyushu” in the automatic training system added automatic use of grass experience function, so that players more easily training, get higher experience value, stronger and faster upgrade.”Sword scream kyushu” automatic training system, not only can add independent skill options, and intelligent rob strange, intelligent team, intelligent resurrection and other functions, everywhere for the player to consider, let you hang up when no worries, do not worry about being dead after the resurrection, but also have double experience can take.In the age of idleness, self-cultivation is king.”Sword noise jiuzhou” let you have “lazy” to steal, let you live more freely, more comfortable, more satisfied, more natural and unrestrained!”Sword scream Kyushu” on February 15, 2022 new expansion shocking return, novice xiaobai Gospel, lazy players treasure game ~ quickly click “Sword scream Kyushu” official website to understand more details of open service!