36 points, 37 points, carry the lakers, carry the load!You don’t coddle Westbrook in lebron’s place

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“I just want to find my old self and play until I’m tired.”After a tough home win over the Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis surprised and frustrated fans.It wasn’t just the fans who could tell Davis was weak before suffering a sprained accessory ligament in his left knee. For a 38-year-old player, Davis felt uncomfortable on the court, losing his quickness on defense and shooting on offense.36 points, 37 points, carry the lakers, carry the load!You don’t coddle Westbrook in lebron’s place.Mention the greatest players in the league, Davis definitely has a place, and you will rarely see those tricky, often through the roll roll small play big to small defender of “military training” big choice through hedging roll play Davis, because he is too universal on the defensive end but this situation, in the first half of the season has changed.Before Davis injury, although he scored 23 + 10 can also averaging of data, and the defensive end is averaging can be sent out 1 steals 2 blocked shots, but including cher, Luke kerner, marcus morris, star of the perimeter of these players repeatedly one-on-one hit Davis, and in various ways into attack.Having suffered a sprained MEDIAL collateral ligament in his left knee, Davis has had time to think about his problems. He’s understandably not in the MVP discussion, but he’s not even in the DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year) discussion, and that’s what Davis is paying attention to.Obviously, Davis also aware, weight gain serious affected him on both ends of the efficiency, although this can help him under the basket to better against rivals, with the league’s top five averaging inside scoring, but also played the three-peat career high efficiency, but as long as three seconds left the area, Davis score becomes difficult, he no longer almighty,Holes on the defensive end are even harder to fill.Fortunately, in the past two years, Davis is an example of a successful weight loss after the injury, he asked the lone ranger Dallas assistant coach jared Dudley, who was in the lakers’ championship period, at the time of his injured lost 20 pounds of weight, and after Dudley gives his own advice, Davis also during the period of recuperation of injury,He trained a lot and managed to lose weight before coming back.In the first game of his comeback against the Brooklyn Nets, Davis made an immediate impact on the offensive end, but he clearly hasn’t found a rhythm yet, but that doesn’t mean he can help the lakers win the most.Davis single-handedly re-established the lakers’ no-fly zone with one steal and four blocks in 25 minutes.In his second game back, Davis received the unwelcome news that forward lebron James was sidelined with knee soreness, and not only did Davis not fall short of Joel Embiid in a head-to-head matchup, he even beat Embiid.Davis played 34 minutes, finishing with 31 points, 12 rebounds, two steals and four blocks on 14-of-21 shooting and repeatedly blocking shots from Embiid, who was 9-for-20 and 0-for-5 from 3-point range with 26 points, nine rebounds, one steal and two blocks.The lakers lost their third straight game, but Davis’s return to form inspired many lakers fans, dominating the paint with 30 points, 15 rebounds and three blocks in a victory over Portland that limited the lakers to 99 points.Even more remarkable than the win was that Davis made five of his six shots from outside the three-second zone and made four of five from around the top arc, rediscovering his mid-range shooting touch that could enrich the lakers’ game plan once James returns.It will also give the lakers’ “five small” lineup a greater sense of offense and depth.”Lebron (James) is usually the man voices in the defensive end, he’s not in right now, I need to replace his position, although in the pick-and-roll occurs, I can’t see behind him, but I’ll remind teammates, loud for all to keep in step, we want to become a top defensive teams in the league, just like the past us.”Davis said in an interview.In addition, there was an interesting scene at the end of the game. After Davis grabbed the rebound, Westbrook, who was one point short of a triple-double, started to scramble for the ball, but Davis ignored him. In this team, it’s always about winning, and personal statistics need to be put behind.