Ai Fukuhara is reportedly planning to marry her current boyfriend!Leave Jiang Hongjie very happy, not to mention the children

2022-04-24 0 By

According to media reports, Ai Fukuhara’s best friend has told the outside world that the pop star is planning to remarry to her current boyfriend Mr. X.In January this year, Ai Fukuhara and her best friend Ms. A had dinner together. Her boyfriend Mr. X also attended the dinner.When her boyfriend briefly left, Ai Fukuhara told her bestie that she planned to marry her boyfriend, referring to her ex-husband Jiang Hongjie is smiling, saying: “I can finally divorce!”From the beginning to the end of the marriage storm, Fukuhara fell in love with many headlines, for the public’s private life is hot, Ai Fukuhara is quite dissatisfied, not only to her bestie complained that she is just an athlete, but also in the case of not divorced with her current boyfriend in Yokohama with no remorse.In addition, the bestie was more surprised that Ai Fukuhara did not mention the children in Taiwan during the dinner with her, which is true and unreasonable, bestie said she did not know what she was thinking.In July last year, after a public opinion battle, Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie ended the transnational marriage, in December the same year, Ai Fukuhara and yokohama with Mr. X confirmed a relationship, and in a semi-cohabitation state.A new boyfriend after a divorce is not uncommon, but if there is a premeditated divorce that nature is different, and Ai Fukuhara has not been to see her children for a long time, Internet users are divided on this matter, what do you think?