“Wife circle top flow” Yingcai er: domineering shout some actress, stop sending strange photos to my husband

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In February 2012, the second year of Ying’s marriage, she directly called out an actress on her Weibo: “If any woman dares to send some strange photos and text messages to Mr. Chen again, I will reveal your name and phone number. Do you hear me?”This matter a moment, let a lot of netizens directly call sister domineering, but also very curious ying CAI er is referring to who.After all, the word “re” is enough to prove that this has happened more than once.Later, I do not know the other side convergence, or other reasons, Ying CAI er did not say the name of that person.It wasn’t until 2018, in his wife’s Romantic Journey, that Ying Caye finally made a veiled reference to the incident.But she didn’t let up on who it was.In fact, a lot of people do not know is that this “message event” should be “mercy”.When an actress tried to “climb the ladder”, she slapped her back on her.Before the incident, Actress Mou Xiangying, who co-starred with Chen in “The Blue Wave Fairy,” posted a photo of herself with Chen and another male artist on her Weibo, along with the caption, “A trio of bullying siblings forever.”When Ying CAI ‘er discovered this, she immediately forwarded it and asked him inappropriately, “Brother and sister?Why didn’t I know that?”Ying Caye’s father even saw the smell of gunpowder in her microblog. Then Ying Caye did not talk nonsense and directly accused Mou Xiangying of calling her brother and sister randomly, which is not respectful to married men’s families, and advised her to respect herself.Later this couple on “happy camp”, Ying CAI er responded to this problem, we just know, originally she and Chen Xiaochun is good after calling brothers.So how can she tolerate other girls, and Chen Xiaochun “repeat” this experience again!Ying CAI er this conclusion, immediately let many net friends laugh or cry, but also quite agree with her words.After all, in a relationship, the fear of other girls to “brother”.Of course, besides this one or two do not calculate happy thing besides, ying CAI son husband and wife is very conjugally love from beginning to end, they that “you are laughing, I am making” the love like, also let many schoolgirls yearn for it.Chen Xiaochun and Ying CAI ‘er netizens are happy to enter this pair of “old couple CP”, Ying CAI ‘er is not stingy, in addition to the daily love, she will also share with you in many programs, between himself and Chen Xiaochun “fun”.Chen Xiaochun family love the most beautiful appearance in “listen to the elder sister said” on the stage, quaint Ying CAI er, unexpectedly wrote a “to Chen Xiaochun ex-girlfriends” letter.The first line is: “Hello, I am Yingcai ‘er.After so many years of high-profile efforts, I believe you all know that I am your ex-boyfriend Chen Xiaochun’s wife.”After Ying CAI er ying CAI er begins “big vomit bitter water”, not be to ridicule them to have no “spur” good Chen Xiaochun, be to despise the romantic factor of Chen Xiaochun simply infinite close to zero.Why else would Chen bring home a black bear ten times bigger after she took a fancy to a “small” bear?Chen Xiaochun and Ying Cay ‘er And when Chen Xiaochun walked toward Ying Cay with a black face, she once thought that was the most frightening look of love.In addition, Chen Xiaochun group photo when the smelly problems and so on, have been Yingcai fun all over.At the same time, however, she said that as long as she is making fun of Chen, their love is still going strong, and vice versa.After ying CAI er and Chen Xiaochun sensationalize, at the end of the letter Ying CAI er also do not forget nifty ground to sentence;”Thank you for listening to this letter, don’t answer, I don’t want to know who you are.”In fact, Ying CAI er to Chen Xiaochun “very strict”, private will also look at his mobile phone, of course, is in his ignorance of the case.To master the whereabouts of the husband better, Ying CAI still borrow the reason that afraid Chen Xiaochun mobile phone loses, successfully installed locator on his mobile phone.Therefore some time Chen Xiaochun expresses oneself at the time of meeting, was discovered by Ying CAI son actually he is playing at sea, this can’t help but let her white eye clumping, blunt say: “this grandson went to sea to play!”Some argue that it is unnecessary as there is no privacy at all and it will affect the couple’s relationship.However, some people said that Since Chen Xiaochun agreed, of course, he would not care, they did not say anything, what are we talking about here.Ying CAI er and Chen Xiaochun are Chen Xiaochun to sufficient wife security sense actually, ability lets Ying CAI er can make a few without scruple ground “wonderful flower” move.When it comes to cheating, the most taboo question for women, she can reply with a cheery smile: “Who worries about who?”Although there is no lack of irony between the words, but can also see that she is not worried about Chen Xiaochun cheating.Can have such confidence, must be the reason for good feelings between husband and wife;After all, like Ying CAI er so forthright personality, and three views extremely positive woman, who does not like it?In March 2012, it was suddenly revealed that Ying Caye cursed south Korean producers in a program and canceled the program.This matter makes many net friends curious unceasingly, this is what is going on?Ying CAI er was previously invited to participate in zhejiang SATELLITE TV and Korean TV co-production of the program “Cool Food Travel world.”At that time, it was cold in Korea, and the show was filmed outdoors, which made everyone sad.But even more egregiously, the Korean producers took a double-sided attitude when formulating the plot of the show.Ying CAI er recording program they give The Chinese artist arrangement is to enter the water, jump into the sea and other dangerous, and like a clown like the plot of the game, but let the Korean artist safely in the side to see jokes.This unfair treatment lets Ying Cay son cannot accept, can Han side obstinately all the time, ignore the communication of staff member, she finally unbearable, the spot sends biao to Han side curse, and direct strike back to the hotel.After returning to her hotel, Ying posted a message asking for help from the head of the Zhejiang station, but deleted it shortly after.According to sources, in fact, Ying CAI er after recording back to the hotel, had been blocked by unidentified personnel in the hotel, the purpose is to let her delete weibo, complete the rest of the program recording.When Yingcai learned the real situation, netizens supported Her and praised her bravery.In fact, Ying CAI er not only dares to “unfair” the sound of the incident, for children’s education, she has always maintained a very positive three views.Living in the multilingual city of Hong Kong, Jasper’s language education is mostly bilingual in English and Cantonese, but In Ying’s opinion, the first language and language his son needs to learn is Chinese.In a show, viewers also found Jasper playing scrabble in Chinese, not English, and Ying CAI ‘er has always made it clear to her son that “Chinese is something you should never forget.”As a Chinese, learning to know her mother tongue is one of the most basic requirements.In addition, Ying CAI er is strict about her son’s table manners, such as not smacking his mouth when eating.When it comes to winning or losing, she also tells her children that they should accept each outcome regardless.A yingcai is not only to the child, even if it is a trifle in the life, Yingcai also maintains extremely positive three views to treat.For instance when recording program with ying er, after seeing the other side took a lot of food not to eat however, she can sternly “education” ying er, cannot take too much when eating buffet, because eat not over is very wasteful.After all, “who knows the food on the plate, every grain is hard”, wasting food has been a shameful thing since ancient times, at the same time, Ying CAI er also said that he is at home to educate children in this way.After the program was broadcast, many netizens praised Ying’s move.Saving food is a virtue, as a wealthy star, can also have such awareness, enough to judge her character.Chen Xiaochun so such an excellent woman, can have such a happy life, must be doomed!Related 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