18 years of waiting for a reversal!Giroud scored twice as inter 1-2AC milan ended their 14-match unbeaten run

2022-04-25 0 By

In last season’s serie a, silent internazionale both rise for many years, finally occupied the table’s top two, two teams this season is still in a bloody battle for the premier league crown in the end, although the rossoneri once early season with the unbeaten record, high on the top of the premier league, but thicker inter squad depth,In the medium term with a wave of wins in a row on the first place, also once let fans feeling of serie a little suspense, which the 20th round the milan Derby, for the shape of the champions league has very big effect, if the defending champion can win this one at home worth 6 points, not only will expand its advantages in the standings,Will greatly against the rossoneri’s self-confidence, but coach inzaghi since the fighting skill of substitution, in the second half is dead for the team’s good start, at AC milan by giroux 4 minutes in the second half of the brace, 2-1 reverse beat inter, put an end to the opponent’s 14 games unbeaten,And it was the rossoneri’s first comeback win in the Milan Derby since February 2004, putting the title race back in contention after 18 years.The game both teams can play half-court ball, home of the nerazzurri start momentum is very fierce, once the use of high closing down, AC milan – in fact very distressed, to build the state it was very brave, many times with wonderful people save the nerazzurri extremely has the threat attack, but in the 37th minute,Perisic’s unmarked volley from inside the penalty area gave inter the lead and the champions took control.But after the second half, the situation suddenly changed, which was directly related to the two teams coach inzaghi and Pioli’s substitution, inzaghi replaced the goal winner Perisic, with the 0-1 attribute di Marco, with Vidal for the creative ciarhanoglu,Front position is not replaced had no physical edin dzeko, but replaced around the tarot, this also makes the nerazzurri offensive threat, the defensive end has lost its resistance, in contrast, after skin ollie substituted a dias, Kathy, thoroughly activate the team’s offense, for the team sounded the horn of counterattack!Four minutes later, the Rossoneri were back in the attack. After calabria’s right side went straight into the penalty area, Giroud swung the ball out of the box.A shot into the far corner helped the visiting Rossoneri secure a 2-1 win.After win the game, the rossoneri in the case of played a game more, only behind inter milan 1 points, although the title of the initiative is still in the hands of the defending champion, but they are not too many opportunities to make mistakes, believe in the next game, internazionale in the premier league title race will be worse,Expect both teams to be at their best and provide fans with more exciting games!