Course one exam can take an examination of a few times, is there limitation

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There is no limit on the number of exams for subject 1, which is different from subject 2 and Subject 3. Therefore, if you fail to pass the five scheduled exams, you can continue to take the exam for subject 1.Although course one examination does not have number of limitation nevertheless, but make-up examination also needs make-up examination fee, we also suggest to be able to take course one seriously, pass the exam directly.If you fail to pass the exam, you can take a make-up exam for free. If you fail twice, you are considered to have failed the exam.If you fail in subject 1, you can also ask for a make-up exam. This is the same as subject 2 and Subject 3. After each appointment, you will have two opportunities to take the on-site exam.Be regarded as formal examination twice, did not have different, discover oneself result did not have qualified after formal examination so, should apply for spot make-up examination to the examiner, also belong to after examination qualified when the result of second examination is qualified, need not worry can have different.Subject one there are no five appointments for the test limit there is no.Subject 1 and Subject 4 are the same, there is no limit of five appointments for the test, but different from subject 4, there is no requirement for the test period. Subject 4 has a limitation that the driving license test is valid for three years, so subject 4 cannot continue to take the test, and needs to be completed within the validity period of the test.However, the subject 1 test has not yet taken effect, so there is no time limit. Of course, it should be noted that after passing the subject 1 test, the validity period of the driving license test will officially take effect, and you need to pass the test of other subjects within three years.Subject 1 has a question bank. When we take the exam, the computer will randomly select 100 questions from the question bank, complete 100 questions within the specified time, and achieve at least 90 percent of the score is qualified.This also means that no more than ten errors can be made in the exam of subject 1. It also reminds us that it is important to brush the exam questions at ordinary times, because the question banks are all the same. As long as we complete all the questions in the question bank with good quality and quantity, there will be no pressure in the exam.The interval between one and two subject appointments should not be less than 10 days, so there will be some restrictions on make-up appointments for subject 1.Of course, we still need to pay attention to the first subject is not very difficult, but we still need to pay attention to these basic questions, after all, they may also appear in the test of the fourth subject, and in the actual driving, we will often encounter as driving theory.As long as you have a good grasp of the test content of subject one, it will be easier to get a driving license and drive out.Tips The test banks for subject 1 are similar to those for subject 4, except that the test banks for subject 4 also include safe and civilized driving, so there will be more questions in the test banks and the test will be more difficult, requiring more careful preparation.