Ferrari’s first SUV model Purosangue will be released this year!2.9T V6 hybrid, delivered in 2023

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As sports car brands have launched SUV products to earn a lot of money, Ferrari is also difficult to control, it should be another brand after Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin to have SUV models.Ferrari’s first SUV Purosangue has been brewing for three years since it was announced in 2018. According to the 30-page sales report released by Ferrari 2021, page 12 shows that Purosangue will debut in 2022 and be produced and delivered in 2023.At present, Purosangue or the smooth launch of confidence.Although a number of Purosangue spy photos have been exposed, the specific information is very limited. From the appearance of the spy photos, it is more like a road test based on maserati Levante. The brand marketing staff described Purosangue as a “Ferrari utility vehicle”, and according to the spy photos, Purosangue has a long hood.With a large front windshield tilt and a long wheelbase, this car pays more attention to highway performance and handling. With a relatively low driving height and low profile, off-road performance should not be a priority.Purosangue will be equipped with air suspension, four exhaust vents, perforated brake discs and giant callipers.It will be the most spacious ferrari, with a four-door, four-seater layout and a hatchback rear door.To some extent, this will be an indirect replacement for the GTC4 Lusso coupe.In terms of power, Ferrari has stated that Purosangue will use the same platform as Roma GT. In the future, Ferrari will develop two architecture families, namely the front mid-engine family and the middle engine family. The front mid-engine architecture will be more modular, therefore, meaning that if the sales base of products with the front mid-engine architecture can be increased,Profit margins will also be good.For power, Purosangue has two options: a 2.9T V6 hybrid with a combined power of 830 HP, or a 3.9T V8 hybrid with a maximum power of 620 HP and a peak torque of 760N·m. With motor support, the maximum power can reach 830 HP, which is enough to meet the power needs of this high-performance SUV.The powertrain will be matched with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission.Since the weight of the SUV is not too light, the 0-100km/h acceleration time should be under four seconds, and the top speed can easily exceed 300km/h.It’s up to Ferrari to decide whether the V12 engine will fit in, and if it will be necessary.Summary: Ferrari set a new sales record in 2021, delivering more than 11,000 vehicles worldwide, 22.3% higher than the sales figures for 2020.Ferrari’s 2021 sales report shows an increase in demand for its V8-powered models, a decrease in sales of the 812 Superfast and a drop in demand for the V12 supercar.With the advent of Purosangue, we expect SUVs to further drive Ferrari’s sales, as do most sports car manufacturers that venture into SUVs.