If one day I pay with my life, I will redeem you

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# Book shortage recommendation # Recently, many small friends with xiaobian joke that do not know what to read good books, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as a veteran fan xiaobian also feel this experience, so today I will continue to introduce good novels to everyone, let book fans addicted to reading friends do not sleep!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Small make up recommend everyone today: the youth pure love: if one day I “redeem dandelion wind” to their pay, just as I redeem for your title: “redeem dandelion wind” author: pick up from maple abstract: because of an accident suffering from myocardial injuries, Mr Sommer is scheduled to return to treat wind, invariable stained color gray life from now on.Buddhist boy meets strange girl — What is the antonym of Buddha?Her unique attraction made him curious about her and he ‘happened’ to be in her class.The youth campus life is not only young love and sincere friendship, but also the bullying phenomenon that frustrates people physically and mentally.Guide to the pit: Mo Pu Qing nodded her head.”So, it’s really nice to see you.”Xu Zhaoyi raised the corners of his mouth with sincere eyes and embraced her.One by one, the other three embraced her.But this is a very soft hug.Mo puqing heart suddenly a warm, raised the mouth, reach out to embrace can embrace.”Good, see also see, embrace also embrace, all go back first, I still have a matter, want to go out.””Where? We’ll take you.”Mo Puqing looked at the bunch of flowers in the car. “Cemetery.”Gently pulling the corners of her mouth, she touched Liu Wei’s suddenly drooping head. She stepped up to the car and said, “Gone.””We’ll take you!”Hsu’s voice rose a few minutes.She bends into the car and suddenly freezes for a long time. She pulls out with the bouquet and faces them. “Okay.”Mo puqing got into Kang Ying’s car, which went on for a while without any conversation.Mopuqing broke the silence as she watched the atmosphere grow heavy with herself. “Do you know my relationship with Momufan?”Several people recovered, looked at each other and nodded.”You don’t know, we thought he was the master’s rival at first!”Ou said.”Fortunately later he with coloured glaze together, otherwise we will be more embarrassed!”Xu Zhaoyi held her forehead lamely.”Why do you all think we’re like a couple?””Because you two look alike, your cp fans always think that’s husband and wife!”Mo Pritchin chuckled.”It’s a good thing they’re brother and sister, or we’ll have to live in constant fear that the house will fall down one day!””Do you have no confidence in your eldest son?”Mo Puqing raised her eyebrows.(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. What would you like to say to the editor?Comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, look forward to your comments.Miss Liang, let you call husband, what is your name Mr. Luo