Inner Mongolia public Security original MV “Police wish” blockbuster online with you to celebrate the New Year!

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Police blue is our common choice shoulder more than a duty police badge shines the most beautiful stars write our song of youth……..We love this a purplish blue passing on oath guardian happy home together is our common wish when history hour hand points to 2022, the dawn of the New Year upon the sands land, nai man, dressed in a purplish blue, security forces use the grandeur of the practice of struggle, the most moving, and the most powerful forces, in the new era, new journey to dream for him.The New Year’s wish of the police is very simple, accompany family time a little more, law-abiding a little more, break the law a little less, stay up late to work overtime a little less…….However, behind all their wishes, there is a common wish that the great motherland is prosperous and the people are happy and healthy!Recently, naiman public Security police many wechat group, are discussing a song, not only because the melody is pleasant, but also because of the heart of the lyrics, by the Naiman Banner public Security Police lyrics and music dedicated to sing, carefully built “police wish” MV heavy online!Let’s follow the camera and approach them together to listen to the New Year “police wishes”…The police may rise when the morning is the most beautiful of the sun reflected in our glorious epaulettes we walked in the way of a new era for soar in the sky blue police is our common ideal choice shoulder much a duty badge shines the most beautiful youth Milky Way compose songs along the way we collect side by side smile as memory every bit of love together ChengDaHai let all fog slowly through we love this oneBody Tibetan blue inherits the common oath to protect the harmonious and beautiful homeland is our common wish Police read the lyrics, can’t wait to listen to the song ~ don’t worry!Here comes lai (Lao) :

Lyrics: Xu Changle, Composition (1) sun Pengfei, Composition (2)Zhang Qingyu, Zhang Xuan, Zhang Yandong, Zhang Jiani, Gao Jiahui, Zhang Qingyu, Li Yajun, countless days and nights of blood struggle, countless wind and rain stick to the hope that the impression of this city is as happy as everyone’s memory,The small dreams of everyone add up to the big dream of building “Peace Naiman” in the New Year Police blue protect your heart May you have the sun in your heart and the glow in your eyes, let it whirl about in the years and never let it go to the New Year Let us make peace with struggle dream (source: Peace Naiman)