To a feast in the year of the Tiger, the day is more and more sweet, life is more and more brilliant

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Of the Yellow River rising sun shine upon WuQuan mountain Jin Chengnian the ringing of the monastery of the prelude in the footsteps of willow spring breeze in the hope to YiChang in the feast of the feast of snowflakes fell for the years set up a silver pieces of the bursting of drapery of winter sweets face flushed snow a smiling face for this year’s feast the icing on the cake red lanterns, fireworks, firecrackers shake the earth,Guangyao blue sky red China through the festival through the peaceful reflects the crisp golden years of fireworks fireworks lit the blue sky how bright off year to year to bring the world colorful scenery to the sky was crystal clear sunny peach blossom zhan yun austral northland of snow all over the sky in north-west ‘desert solitary smoke circling the Great Wall, such as the dragon river water waves monstrous fire arrows carving,In huashan mountain to YiChang feast grilles, candlestick, unique to the Chinese Spring Festival couplets festival food, wine, wedding banquet is permeated with strong festival atmosphere Chinese people from the southern north from all over the world power, energetically to a feast to the in – take you home and family reunion share tianlun, celebrate the New Year all over the world are the awaken of spring kyushu earth celebrates the New Year of China,Chinese people are celebrating the New Year together. The days are getting sweeter and life is getting brighter and brighter.Author: Haibei son # Tiger year is fun # # Health over Chinese New Year # # Knowledge to welcome the Year of the Tiger, open a whole year # # culture big Happy New Year # # Red red over Chinese New Year # @micro headlines