Yeloli: the dark light in the black hole, white light bright found ancient ruins, beautiful love rabbit

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In the black hole, the light is dim, white light is bright, and ancient ruins are discovered.The black hole of Li Grey devour skill is very terrible and very good, but Li Grey just trapped a few clever xi Ge Lord namely Yan Jue Pang Zun and others.Li Hui did not want to devour Bai Guangying with black hole especially, but Bai Guangying is looking for Pang Zun, did not listen to li Hui’s advice, but resolutely entered black hole.The world in the black hole is full of unknown and possibly endless dangers, but Bai Guangying does not flinch or fear.And after the white light enters the black hole, the black hole world also begins to appear in front of everyone.The light in the black hole is indeed very dim, giving a very ominous impression.Bai Guangying walked in the vast fog, can not help but start to worry about whether this black hole is really in and out.But bai Guangying went in, at present nature also need not consider whether the problem that goes out, find pang zun and so on first however more important.Bai Guangying also has no direction, aimless walking in the black hole.With the depth of Bai Guangying, Bai Guangying also found the existence of ancient relics.The architecture of these ancient ruins still looks good, and one can feel its former magnificence at a glance.However, some of the pillars of the ancient ruins are now broken, which makes the site look somewhat dilapidated, making people wonder why these ancient ruins are in the black hole, and also curious about the civilization of these ancient ruins.But the answer is clearly nowhere to be found.Therefore, Bai Guangying will keep it in mind, on the way to find Pang Zun.Bai Guangying looks for everybody is not easy necessarily, also do not know bai Guangying and Pang Zun when ability meets again, but this is later words.Let’s take a look at the latest trailer for another place that everyone is paying attention to, is the appearance of beauty bunny.Beauty love rabbit is the eighth pavilion master love princess’s spirit beast, although it looks really cute, but the fighting is very high, and Mandola can fight several rounds, it is really powerful.The reason why the Beauty rabbit and Mandola conflict, is because Mandola wants to see the eighth cabinet, but the beauty rabbit said that after the princess is gone, Mandola will force.The rabbit is also a big temper spirit beast, directly, and DORA just got up.Of course, Mandola can’t beat a spirit beast, and mandola has the power to connect.However, I do not know whether to highlight the strong love princess, so the animation gave the United States love rabbit many parts, or play.But in any case, the battle between The Rabbit and Mandola was very exciting and enjoyable to watch.It is the eighth cabinet Lord has not yet appeared, unavoidably let a person feel some regret.