Folk Tale: Beautiful little clay figure

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There was once a mason who made tiles for a living.He’s in his late 30s, and he hasn’t got a wife yet.For this reason, he spent the whole day sighing and frowning, doing no effort.His small hut like a chicken coop was so poor that the head of a bed was covered with a raincoat and the kitchen was covered with pickled cabbage soup.Every day only the wind, birds and his company, he was afraid of not busy, often POTS and buckets when the sound of sound.No one knew what his family name was, only that he had been dealing with mud all day, so he was called loach son.In fact, the loach is not ugly. It is a man five feet tall with thick shoulders that can carry 300 jin. It shines in the sun with its bare back, black and red, and is as strong as an ox.Loach son sleep to midnight feet cold, he want to women want to cry!But it was hard to find them even with torches and lanterns.One day, he was lost in his tea, staring at the clay pile, and suddenly he had an idea. He made a beautiful clay figure with a thin mouth and a face like a peach blossom and a peony.Mud qiuzi love, eat on the table, sleep on the pillow, work on the side.One night, as he lay awake, he looked at the beautiful clay figure and loved her more and more. He couldn’t help kissing her.As he kissed, his eyes moved and his body moved, smiling at him.Surprised and delighted, the loach son asked: “Beautiful person, who are you?”The beautiful little clay smiled and said: “I am the little clay you knead!””Really?Pretty little clay, how can you live?”The little clay man said shyly, “It is your love that gives me life.”Loach son sincerely asked: “Would you like to be my wife?””Yes!The little clay man replied lovingly.”You don’t mind my being poor?”The little clay man shook his head gently.Loach was so happy that she took her tiny hands and bowed three times and bowed three times to her parents’ graves on the shrine, showing respect to ancestors and heaven and earth.Just as the loach raised her head, a miracle happened: the hut had become a big tile-roofed house, full of furniture and shiny red paint.Loach son did not know what the matter was, the wife smiled and said: “This is my dowry.”Loach son ecstatic, is really fortune ah!The bridal chamber was ablaze with lights, the loach and his wife whispered in love, the wind eavesdropped outside the window, and the moon smiled.”You’re so beautiful!””You did it so beautifully.”‘I could not have been more fortunate in this life to marry a woman of your beauty. How grateful I am to you!'”It was your kindness and skill that made me so perfect that I should have been grateful to you,” said the couple, as they spent their wedding night in sweet words of adoration.From then on, Ninengzi worked happily during the day, and at night she would spin with her wife in a quiet voice.Their careful words are as thin as the yarn on a spinning wheel.Loach son to his wife pain and love, rough work, dirty work do not let his wife touch.Sometimes he made tiles and let his wife sit beside him.If his wife is not present, he should go in and see her for a while.The wife also loved her husband deeply. Every day, hot tea and rice were served to the man, and fried eggs were placed at the bottom of the bowl.Must know that the good times will not last long, the beautiful full moon appeared shadow.Loach looked forward to having a son, but three years had passed and his wife was not pregnant. He was very anxious.So he suspected that his wife was a clay figure and could not bear children.The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. He drank all day or slept soundly.The little clay man asked her husband quietly, not knowing what had happened.Her husband was furious: “I have broken incense…”The little clay man suddenly saw the light and smiled happily and said: “Don’t worry, there will be.””Don’t worry. I’m getting old.”Then he ignored his wife.Since then, loach son became more and more indifferent to his wife day by day, and the little clay man felt very painful. Gradually, her beauty and beauty lost their luster, and her husband became more annoyed with her.Later, when she found out she was pregnant, she was so happy that she wanted to tell her husband. However, her husband didn’t look at her. Before she could speak, he scolded her and made her cry.She was so angry that she simply did not tell him and left her husband out in the cold.As usual, she fried his eggs and splashed his feet.Loach became more and more irritable.Once, when a hen clucked past him, he hit it with his straw shoe and said, “Bark…Call death!Eggs didn’t give birth to three, white feed you have what use!”Hen scared “flapping” a sound flew over the ditch, angry little clay man cried again.The beautiful little clay figure is haggard and in a trance. He always forgets everything.Once she forgot to cut her husband’s tobacco, and he scolded her: “Are you heartless?”The little clay figure was so angry that she gathered all her dowry into a small sewing bag and turned herself into a little clay figure again.When the loach returned home drunk, he saw a small clay figure in the room, with a cold fire and a cold stove. He became angry again and said crazily, “You, you are a useless clay figure…What do I want you to do…”Then he grabbed the little clay figure and threw it to the ground.”Crack”, the beautiful little clay smashed, a baby’s cry, cut across the silent sky.Loach son heard the cry, suddenly woke up from the drowsy: “God!What did I just do?I threw my wife to her death?Is the doll my son?”When he picked it up, he found that the tiled house and the courtyard walls had disappeared. He was still in his hut.He picked up his son and cried at the top of his lungs, “Son, why weren’t you born earlier?Your mother was I fell dead, who will take you?””Wife,” she cried, “I have wronged you. I have killed you. Damn me, damn me…”But death cannot bring back life.Loach zi had to take care of her son by herself as both father and mother, raising her son with a mouthful of soup and rice. She had to wash and sew every day.The youngest son often cried, so that he could not sleep or eat, and he was depressed, with a long beard and sweat all over his face, and sunken eyes.He could not help crying and saying to himself, “My dear wife, why didn’t you tell me when you were happy?No, no, no, no. I’m the one who didn’t get you killed.What am I to do with this family, with this child?”In the blur, the figure of his wife loomed, sobbing and wailing: “How can you blame me?I opened my mouth several times were suppressed by you, had to suppress the heart.And then, seeing you getting worse and worse, I said no more.Thought, when the baby is born, let you have a surprise.Who would have thought that you would throw me to death so cruelly.Big mistake already become, you take the child to lead well!”When the loach was about to leave, he pulled and shouted, “Good wife!You don’t go…”When he collected himself, he found nothing. He tweaked his ears and realized it was a dream.One day, a Taoist monk in Tsing Yi came by asking for water. He ladled a bowl of water for her.The Taoist asked him why he looked so sad, and he told her exactly what had happened.The Taoist thought for a moment and said, “All this is your fault. You don’t know how to cherish feelings.For pity’s sake, make another clay figurine just like your wife, and there may still be hope.””She added,” but you must make a sincere apology to your wife, and beg her forgiveness.”The Taoist said, into a wisp of smoke disappeared.She was the earth fairy who had come to advise him.Loach son was stunned for a moment, and suddenly his heart became clear.All night he made a little clay figure, more beautiful and more glorious than the last one.He held it carefully in his hands and laid it on the pillow.He kissed her again, but the clay figure was cold and did not seem to feel anything.Loach son sad to cry: “wife, you are not willing to forgive me?”Tears fell on the little clay man’s face.The beautiful clay figure seemed to be moved. His eyes blinked for a moment, but he did not move again.Sadly, he knelt down in front of the clay figurine and confessed, “My good wife, please forgive me this time for the love between us at the beginning and for the sake of our son!You see how poor the motherless child is, how much he needs a mother!If you ignore me, I can’t get up on my knees…”The beautiful little clay figure was moved to tears, and the past kindness and hatred vanished into thin air.She forgave her husband and came back to life a second time. Loach tightly held the clay figure in her arms and was so excited that she could not say a word.From then on, loach Zi learned his lesson and never drank alcohol or lost his temper with the little clay man. He worked hard all the time and lived a happy life for his family.