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Yue read the old year, the book welcome the New Year.In order to make everyone enjoy a wonderful year of books, the activity of “Reading Good Books on Holiday — China Publishing Group 2022 Spring Festival Reading Festival” selected nearly 300 good books from 23 publishing units of the Group, and introduced them one by one by the leaders of the group, club presidents, expert authors, bookstore colleagues and front-line editors.Liu Bogen, deputy secretary of the Party leadership group of China Publishing Group Co., LTD., recommended three books to everyone: “Backer”, “Encyclopedia of Chinese Children’s Plants” and “meta-universe”.”Backer” is a long reportage written by Tie Liu and published by people’s Literature Publishing House.The book shows a vivid history of the 28 years from 1921 to 1949 when our people came forward to help the front.To leave alive for this period of history records, the author spent 14 years of time, visited the shandong, hunan, hubei, henan, shaanxi, jiangsu and other regions, to support the front of the parties and their successors in-depth interview, recorded the former stories of hundreds of real, involving thousands of people, the real Duan Bolan grand former history,It vividly shows that the people are the creators of history and our “backer”.The Encyclopedia of Chinese Children’s Plants is a popular science book of plants compiled by Academician Fang Jingyun of Chinese Academy of Sciences, wang Kang, Liu Huajie, Shi Jun and other “naturalists”, published by Encyclopedia of China Publishing House.There are more than 110 topics, more than 1,200 plant images and 20 experiments in the book, and a special chapter on “Chinese Plants” is cleverly incorporated into scientific and technological hot spots such as artemisinin anti-malaria and hybrid rice breeding.At the same time, combined with daily life very close, for example, chocolate, chewing gum, sweet taste of maple syrup from which plants, the food we eat millet “what is the ancient ancestors”, how to differentiate between those wild flowers in the grass, and so on, in the book are vivid and interesting introduction, carefully prepared for children a gift of “spring”.The Meta-universe answers a series of questions about what the meta-universe is and how it relates to our lives.The book argues that everyone can have their own meta-universe in which people can invest, educate, travel, entertain, showcase, socialize, play, create and trade.In the future, we will also be able to study, work and live in the meta-universe.Published by Chinese Translation Publishing House, the series has sold nearly 500,000 copies in the past six months.Li Yan, a member of the party leadership group of China Publishing Group Co., LTD and general manager of China Publishing Media Co., LTD, recommended three books: Qian Zhongshu selected Tang Poems, The Discovery of Sanxingdui and The Great Game: What’s So Great about Peking Opera.The original manuscript of Qian Zhongshu selecting Tang Poetry was selected by Qian Zhongshu and transcribed by Yang Jiang from 1983 to 1991. It has never been published for decades.The People’s Literature Publishing House made necessary arrangements for the manuscript and published it in 2020 on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Qian Zhongshu’s birth.This book contains 308 poets and 1997 poems. It is a large-scale anthology that fully displays the artistic style of Tang poetry and an important document for the study of Qian Zhongshu’s poetics.In addition, the dates and comments marked by Mr. Yang jiang when transcribing also reflect the daily academic interactions between Qian and Yang.”Discovering Sanxingdui” is a scientific and systematic popular reading that reflects the research results of sanxingdui culture, the center of ancient civilization in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.This book is published by Zhonghua Book Company. The author is Professor Duan Yu, director of the Bashu Culture Research Center of Sichuan Normal University. He uses easy-to-understand language to show the connotation of Sanxingdui civilization in a simple way.The author also gives interesting scientific explanations to all kinds of unsolved mysteries surrounding sanxingdui civilization.Moreover, the book is four-color printing, with a large number of color pictures, can be said to be illustrated, which increases the appreciation and interest of the book.The Great Game: What’s So Great about Peking Opera? Is a Peking Opera research book co-written by renowned director Guo Baochang and scholar Tao Qingmei, published by Life, Reading and New Knowledge Sanlian Bookstore.It seems to be a common knowledge that Peking Opera is the quintessence of Chinese culture.However, if further asked: what is good about Beijing Opera?Why beautiful?Most people find it difficult to give simple and clear answers.Guo Baochang, a famous director who loves and studies Peking Opera all his life, tries to explain to today’s young people “what is so good about Peking Opera” and why this “traditional” Peking Opera is modern and ahead of its time with vivid and straightforward expression based on his decades of thinking and practice.Chen Yonggang, deputy general manager of China Publishing Group Co., LTD., a member of the party’s leadership group, recommended three books: 12 Lectures on the History of the Communist Party of China, The Turn of the Sun and the Grand Canal through Time and Space.”Twelve lectures on the History of the Communist Party of China” is published by life · Reading · new knowledge Sanlian Bookstore, by the central Party school Xie Chuntao, Luo Pinghan and other 8 experts in the history of the Party jointly written reading.Book according to the central party school party history series seminar content arrangement, eight party history experts based on rich historical materials, vivid and parse the twelve important project on the history of the party, a combination of drawing, absorbing the latest achievements in the party history research, and personal experience, integrating academic, authority, vitality, is a high level of party history books.The Turn of the Sun was written by famous writer Fan Wen and published by People’s Literature Publishing House.This is a realistic novel, the novel to a missing child case as the beginning, tells the story of a retired old police in the sense of responsibility and justice of the heart of the drive, adhere to the pursuit of the case until the twists and turns of the story.But the novel doesn’t stop there. It also incorporates a picture of a border village in Yunnan winning the great battle against poverty.In this remote mountain village described in the novel, the sun “turns around” here, and the people here, and the way of life handed down from generation to generation, are also magnificent “turns around” driven by the tide of The Times.The work deduces the legend, eulogizes the hero, is full of blood and tenacity, reads the stirring bowel.The Grand Canal through Time and Space restores the past and present life of the Grand Canal in the form of pictures and pictures.The drawings in the book were created by Professor Du Fei of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He selected the most distinctive places, times and scenes in the history of the Grand Canal and drew 14 panoramic long scrolls based on the real history of research, depicting more than 5,000 people, more than 300 animals, more than 200 ships and more than 700 buildings, as well as the clothes and expressions of each person.Every boat, every building, every minute structure, is lifelike.The book is also well received by foreign readers. The British company DK imported copyrighted content from China, bringing the story of the Grand Canal to the world.This book is published by Encyclopedia of China Publishing House.