Stir-fried beans, do not oil or blanching, teach you a good way, green beans taste high nutrition

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Guide language:Fry cowpea, don’t blanch oil or water, a good way to teach you, beans green flavor nutrition high before and after every New Year’s day, the vegetables are particularly expensive in the street, a lot of people are not easily bought, buy also will save with, match some meat dishes, and during the Spring Festival to eat too greasy, vegetables instead become very hot, fry a dish is placed on the table, vegetables, meat was left,I’m sure your family is the same way.Beans are a very popular vegetable, green color, a simple fry is very bright, a few days ago mother-in-law dinner, meat vegetables no one rare, everyone loves to eat the plate of ordinary fried beans, mother-in-law see everyone like to eat, and then more fried a plate, or was eaten first.When it comes to fried beans, some people may say that they are not delicious, or yellow or black, or not flavorful, or soft and not crisp, these situations are really bad to eat, if you often fry bad, it is probably the wrong method.About practice, there are three common methods, one is direct fry, one is blanching, one is too oil, these three methods I have tried, the most recommended is direct fry, fry for a long time will lose the crisp and tender taste, will also affect the color, and fry for a short time will be raw beans, not taste.In addition, blanching and over-oil have their disadvantages. If the blanching time is not well mastered, it will affect the taste and lose a lot of nutrition. Over-oil is more troublesome, and it is greasy after frying.What’s the best way to make fried beans?It doesn’t taste good straight in the pan!Do not oil or blanching, teach you a good method, green beans taste high nutrition, the method is very practical.Now I’m going to share with you the way to stir-fry the beans, follow this method, it’s very delicious, come and have a look.Fry cowpea: beans can be stir-fried, a little salt a little chicken, with a little garlic flavoured, also can match to fry meat, the most common is streaky Fried string beans, beans Fried pork, beans Fried bacon, also can match vegetables, common have eggplant, green pepper, red pepper, dry pepper, etc., as long as mastering fry cowpea, the method of random collocation.Take pork belly fried with beans as an example, a delicious meal.Break the beans into small pieces, or cut them into small pieces with a knife. Put them in a basin and stir them with water and salt. Let them soak for a while.Rinse pork belly, cut into thin slices and set aside.Heat a wok and add the beans to the wok over medium heat, stirring constantly until the surface of the beans is dry, then add a little salt, stirring again and again, when the beans turn dark turn off the heat.Pour oil into the pot, heat the pork belly, stir fry with low fire until the fat, then add a few ginger slices, garlic, dried pepper or millet pepper, stir fry with high fire for a few times to stimulate the fragrance.Then add the beans to the wok, stir well and add a little salt and light soy sauce to adjust the flavor.After frying for a minute or two, put a little water in the pan and cook it quickly. Then you can cook the beans very nicely, not black or yellow. If you want more green, light soy sauce can be replaced with chicken essence.Fried beans to learn this magic trick: the method is to put the beans into the pot with salt dry fry for a while, so that the surface of the beans quickly become soft, so as to shorten the frying time, also ensure the green color and crisp taste of the beans, beans are also more delicious, become delicious.There’s a film on the top of the beans that’s hard to cook in a short period of time, so it’s a lot easier to cook in a short period of time and it’s delicious.In addition, when stir-fry, do not use fire stir-fry, if the paste is not good, medium fire stir-fry until the color turns dark green, this process takes a very short time, so do not worry too much.Have you learned all this method?Have a chance to try it, and don’t worry about bad cooking.My share is over here, like me, please follow me.