These 9 ambassadors to China, did the same unusual thing!

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It is delightful to have friends coming from afar.As the Winter Olympics approach, the eyes of the world are once again on Beijing.Despite the continuing global epidemic, this rare opportunity for international sports and cultural exchange has received wide support from political leaders of all countries.Many heads of state and government and members of the royal family have registered to attend, according to the IOC registration system.Leaders who have pledged to attend the opening ceremony, including but not limited to: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kazakh President Tokayev, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Polish President Duda, Argentine President Fernandez, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez…Of course, they came to China not only to support the Beijing Winter Olympics, but also to expand the space for cooperation.Take Argentina.Argentina was the first South American country to back the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the two countries had already engaged in intensive people-to-people diplomacy ahead of Argentine President Alvito Fernandez’s attendance at the Games.1. Although thousands of miles away, The Chinese are no strangers to Argentina: tango, soccer, Maradona, Messi, beef, red wine, mate tea, and the red revolutionary, Argentine-born Che Guevara.The year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of china-Arab diplomatic ties.It was a memorable moment.However, on the Chinese Spring Festival, Argentina’s ambassador to China Niu Wangdao, acting like a Courier, sent a “New Year’s goods” to xu Yicong, the former Chinese ambassador to Argentina.Speaking of Ambassador Xu Yicong, he is a senior diplomatic veteran. He has served as China’s ambassador to Ecuador, Cuba and Argentina, as well as being a reporter of Panama Bureau of Xinhua News Agency and president of World Knowledge Press. He is from Huaiyin, Jiangsu Province.On the morning of January 23, Ambassador Niu Wangdao and his delegation came to Xu’s home in Beijing and presented him with Argentine specialties such as red wine, red shrimp, mate tea and, of course, a soccer ball signed by Lionel Messi.In return, Xu also presented the first day cover stamp of “New China Messenger of Peace” with the flags of China and Arab states.Ambassador Niu wang Dao even sang a Chinese song in pure Chinese.It was a little folk diplomacy, a simple ceremony, but significant.In fact, similar people-to-people exchanges between China and Arab countries have been very active.From these details, it can be predicted that there will be frequent “interactions” between China and Argentina in 2022, with The Argentine President’s visit to the Winter Olympics.Not long ago, on a chilly Beijing street, another foreign friend also wore a delivery boy’s uniform.This personable man of African descent is James Kimonio, Rwanda’s ambassador to China.On the same day, Ambassador Kimonio arrived at The workplace of Ms. Zhou, a Beijing citizen, and personally delivered rwandan coffee that She had ordered from fact, this series of surprise, jingdong and foreign embassies jointly launched the “Ambassador to China to send goods” activity.In addition to Argentina and Rwanda, ambassadors from Chile, Denmark, Georgia, Malaysia, Moldova, Peru, Sri Lanka and other countries also served as couriers for consumers recently.I believe that the Chinese compatriots who receive these gifts will feel a different “international” flavor.To some extent, the presence of ambassadors in China to “serve” Chinese consumers reflects the increasingly active non-governmental economic and trade exchanges between countries around the world and China.You can look at a couple of numbers.According to statistics, during this year’s Lunar New Year shopping festival, the turnover of Rwandan coffee beans on JINGdong platform alone increased several times compared to the same period last year.In the first week of the Lunar New Year shopping festival, sales at JD Argentina National Tavern increased by 150 percent from the previous week.In the past year, on JINGdong, the overseas direct purchase volume of Cherries from Chile has increased by more than 300% year-on-year, and the sales volume of wine from Georgia has increased by 200% year-on-year.During this year’s Singles’ Day, jd’s international transaction volume increased by more than 70% year-on-year, and the transaction volume of more than 1,000 overseas brands increased by more than 100% year-on-year.So far, JD International has attracted more than 20,000 brands from more than 100 countries and regions, making it the first stop for many overseas brands to enter China.It has to be said that the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in recent years has opened up a channel linking Chinese consumers with overseas high-quality and featured products, and at the same time, provided a new channel for the development of trade industries in these countries.It’s a win-win.2. The “benefits” of international economic and trade cooperation along the “gateway” of cross-border e-commerce have been reflected in the “report card” of China’s economy.The National Bureau of Statistics recently released China’s 2021 economic data report, which showed that China’s GDP exceeded 114 trillion yuan, up 8.1% year on year, once again becoming the world’s fastest growing major economy.And import and export trade is the biggest bright spot of this report card.In 2021, China’s import and export volume exceeded us $6 trillion for the first time, an increase of 1.4 trillion over 2020.What is the concept of this number?Japan, the world’s third largest economy, is expected to have a GDP of $5.1 trillion in 2021, which means that China’s import and export volume alone will exceed Japan’s annual GDP!These achievements, in addition to the above mentioned, show that China’s import and export trade has mastered the “way” in terms of national policies, non-governmental diplomacy and platform enterprises. There is also a second “way”.That is the “dao” of “Just causes help”.The global epidemic has been going on for more than two years, and the world economy has suffered a huge blow.The fact that China’s economy has been able to grow steadily and steadily in times of crisis has something to do with the ancient Chinese wisdom that “just causes give plenty of help”.Two years ahead, when the epidemic broke out in many countries around the world, China was duty-bound to send batches of aid supplies and medical teams to help many countries overcome the most difficult initial stage of the epidemic.With growing epidemic, the national economic production severely affected, disorder, international supply chain and epidemic control and good Chinese, again shouldered the task of the “world factory” — the steady production and output, to a large extent, “made in China” to meet the urgent needs of the international market, said it was “anchored” too much.Hundreds of thousands of Tongans have been affected by a tsunami and ash from a once-in-a-millennium volcanic eruption.Tonga received its first batch of aid from China.”China is tonga’s true friend” — Local people spontaneously came to the Chinese Embassy to thank them.It is the “way” for China’s foreign exchanges and the development of import and export trade to be duty-bound and make friends widely.A just cause helps many.3. Here I would like to mention the third “road” of China’s foreign trade and economic cooperation — the “fast track” of international trade.The fast track refers to the infrastructure that serves cross-border trade.More than two years after the outbreak of COVID-19, the world economy has suffered the most severe test since world War II. On the basis of the China-us trade war that started in 2018, China’s import and export volume has become even worse.The “new infrastructure” package, which includes new infrastructure for cross-border trade, is a vital measure to counter the economic impact of COVID-19.In recent years, with the strengthening of the strength of Chinese enterprises, more and more Chinese products have been “going global” by investing overseas and exploring overseas markets. Typical examples are huawei, Xiaomi and other domestic mobile phones successfully going abroad.And as Chinese enterprises and Chinese products actively go abroad, logistics, channels, supply chains and other infrastructure, has become particularly important.Fortunately, we have a number of strong and experienced enterprises, are becoming the construction of international trade fast lane.Take for example.Jingdong has been deeply engaged in the field of overseas new infrastructure for many years — data shows that up to now, jingdong has laid out about 80 bonded warehouses and overseas warehouses around the world, and its international supply chain network has reached more than 220 countries around the world, and opened up the whole link of air transportation, overseas storage and terminal distribution, greatly improving the speed of cross-border freight.In the past, it might take weeks or even months for a cross-border goods transaction. Today, the process takes only 48 hours from the factory to the overseas users.What does this actually mean for Chinese goods going abroad?Let’s look at an example.As a well-known domestic household appliance brand, Changhong, although it has more than 20 years of overseas experience, but when entering the unfamiliar Thai market, it encountered many difficulties in market access, brand promotion, warehouse distribution, installation, after-sales and other aspects.Changhong chose JD as its partner. Relying on JD CENTRAL, JD’s local e-commerce company in Thailand, Changhong became the brand with the highest sales volume of air conditioners in just 6 months without dispatching any staff or laying out any offline channels.At present, JINGdong has helped more than 100 Chinese brands to be launched in Southeast Asia alone. These high-quality products from China, such as digital 3C, home appliances, daily necessities and fashion products, are favored by local consumers.With the rapid development of new infrastructure for cross-border trade, it is believed that more Chinese goods and brands will enter the international market more conveniently and efficiently in 2022.These will become thousands of streams, eventually into China’s foreign trade report card.Iv. 2021 is an extraordinary year, as the epidemic continues to rage, first by Delta and then by Omicron, the drug King.But it is in this year, we achieved the first goal in one hundred, we have also launched the “area” vaccine partnership, establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with asean, through the 2035 vision of china-africa cooperation, expand the scale of the investment bank, in 2022 the first day of the RCEP officially launched, the change of China, the world to see.This is a new situation in global economic and trade exchanges.Behind it is not only the ancient Chinese wisdom of “just cause and abundant support”, but also the modern scientific civilization of the new infrastructure of cross-border trade.The play must begin with the prologue, but the prologue is not the climax.Standing at the beginning of 2022 and welcoming the Chinese New Year, we have every reason to hope that China’s future will be even better.(Original title: These 9 ambassadors to China, did the same unusual thing!)Source: Niu Qin process editor: TF065