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In order to promote the construction of Jiading New Town through epidemic prevention and control and talent recruitment, employers and job seekers have decided to hold the online job fair of “Win-win 2022”
The relevant information is hereby notified as follows ↓
Starting from February 2022, employers can log in “Jiading Bole Talent Network” to participate in the online job fair of that week before 12 o ‘clock every Monday to Thursday.Login website: Jiading Bole talent network (www.86hr.com) during the recruitment fair, enterprises can release positions and consult resumes free of charge.Note: The original offline job fair will be carried out according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.Ii. Individual participation
Jiading Bole talent network (www.86hr.com) will carry out free online recruitment activities, individual job seekers can register personal members through the website to submit personal resume.For specific operation procedures, please click “Read the original text” at the end of the article to view details in the attachment
Contact: Shao Tel: 69530379 For more recruitment information, please log in to “Shanghai Jiading” APP “Jiading District Public Recruitment Platform”
Source: District Talent Service Center editor: Shen Yue Shangguan number author: Jiading, Shanghai