LPL finals come early!RNG vs LNG poster is full of fire, RNG fans have a request

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LPL spring season regular season is in full swing, with the New Year season gradually progressing, now the regular season stage is more than halfway.February 20th will be the last day of the fifth week of the LPL regular season. The schedule of the day is also very exciting. The three BO3 matches are RA vs TT, EDG vs iG and LNG vs RNG.With the race for the top spot tight, every clear point now counts and all three matches will be played to the best of their ability.The first match on the last match day of week 5 was between RA and TT. As RA defeated LGD in the last match with iBoy VN, they finally stopped the losing streak and ended the team’s 5 consecutive losses.Although they finally picked up form and scored a valuable point, their 2-5 record made it too difficult for them to advance to the playoffs after a disastrous start to the season.Based on previous LPL regular season promotion points, only teams with 9 wins are guaranteed a playoff berth, and 8 wins is just a possibility.RA has nine games left, which means they must win at least six games from the start to have any hope of making the playoffs.Therefore, for RA, scoring against TT, a relatively weak opponent, is a must to achieve in order to create a miracle.In fact, the real strength of RA should not only be the current ranking, but also their subsequent performance will definitely improve after iBoy’s condition improves.In contrast, TT have been relegated to the bottom of the league this season and RA are expected to win this match.According to the data of professional esports prediction platform before the game, RA did win the game with 1.39, so it will not be a problem if Xiao Le Yan and iBoy can play steadily and win the game.The second game of the day is EDG vs iG, the two teams in this season has become two level teams.On one side is the reigning world champion team, but iG has been reinvented this season and lost both the top TS and the middle Rookie legs.EDG has the edge, both in terms of recent results and player strength.But it’s not without hope for iG, as it’s already been mocked for pulling off yet another “magic draw” this season by picking Zika as a talented newcomer.At the end of the season, iG was ranked first in the Eastern Conference with a record of 3-5, just one spot out of the playoff spot, and they have a good chance to compete for a playoff spot based on their performance against AD.In their last game, iG beat Uzi’s BLG with a Zika/Yuekai double sting system, showing that iG is not just a bad team.Of course, iG can not be underestimated after changing the order, but compared with EDG, there is also an objective gap in strength.IG wants to play the same game again, so it’s probably best to start from the road.After all, from the recent EDG game, the road SAN Gun brother often appear on the line was killed alone, and in EDG lost the game is often SAN gun brother on the road was hit with collapse of the global, this may be iG can learn from the way.According to the data of professional esports prediction platform before the game, EDG is the S11 champion after all and the recent record is much better than iG, so they are favored with 1.14.The final race will be the most anticipated showdown in week 5, the first head-to-head clash between this season’s two favourites RNG and LNG.This match was also dubbed by the audience as the “left and right NG” duel. Before the match, LPL official made a preheating video early, which shows the importance of this match.RNG currently sits fifth in the standings with a 6-2 record and has all but clinched a playoff spot with eight games remaining.However, this game will test the strength and ceiling of RNG’s lineup, and LNG is the team to beat if they want to finish higher in the regular season or go further in the playoffs.A major aspect of the game, lies in the two domestic top single players face off.Before LPL All-Star weekend, Arlo used Qinggang Shadow to show Bin. This LPL regular season match between the two players on the road will be very exciting. After all, both players are known for their fierce and aggressive fighting, and both players are very good at qinggang Shadow, the hero.RNG has so far been a team that relies heavily on the wild pace, and it’s hard to win when Wei gets lost.LNG has evolved in every direction since Doinb joined the team this season. Critical decision making and early and mid-season travel support have helped LNG Level up a notch, which is why they are winning 7 games this season.According to the data of professional e-sports prediction platform before the competition, LNG will beat RNG by 1.78, but there is not much difference between the strength of the two sides. Who will win depends more on the preparation of the coaching staff and the player’s state on the field.After the two teams released posters before the game, THE LNG side of the poster was also playing with the meme and full of gunpowder. The poster included arlo’s meme of “50 pieces on the single”. Arlo will try his best to prove his strength in this match against RNG.The comments from fans on RNG’s official blog are a change of style. Fans are very humble and hope that RNG will give up the male gun. Apparently, RNG’s previous matches have caused fans to have PTSD because of too many lessons from the head iron BP.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.