The Battle of Changping: Bai Qi besieged Zhao Kuo for more than two months. Why didn’t Zhao send Lian Po to rescue him?

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Qin first stabilized the other five states. After the battle of Changping broke out completely, the news of zhao’s troops being trapped was blocked. Zhao did not get the news, and the other states could not rescue them at all.After the battle of Changping began, qin and Zhao troops fell into a stalemate, and both sides gradually declined under the consumption of supplies of hundreds of thousands of troops.Zhao could not afford to spend much time.Zhao was ready to break the ice.At this time, the state of Zhao had two voices. One was to send king Zhao Xiaocheng to the state of Qin and the other was to send emissaries to negotiate peace.In these two choices, King Zhao Xiaocheng did not see through the nature of the war, but chose to send emissaries to Qin to negotiate peace.The Qin Dynasty raised a large army, under such a big capital, how can agree to negotiate peace?If so, what conditions can satisfy qin’s appetite?The king of Zhao did not consider this.The state of Qin took advantage of zhao’s peace offer. It not only entertained the emissary sent by Zhao, but also announced to other states that qin and Zhao had turned their swords into plowshares.Qin used this to prevent other countries from sending troops to help Zhao.The rest of the states were afraid of Qin, and now Zhao has been isolated.Next, the state of Qin was also ready to break the ice, because even qin could not bear such a huge expenditure.He sent someone to the State of Zhao to spread rumors that Zhao Kuo was the enemy of the Qin army and that Lian Po was just afraid of war.As public opinion continues to escalate, Zhao took this matter to the court to discuss.Eventually Zhao Kuo went to Changping instead of Lian Po.The Qin army also secretly replaced the general with Bai Qi.The battle of the century is about to begin.After bai Qi took charge of the army, he showed his weakness to Zhao and finally lured Zhao Kuo to pursue the Qin army.The news of Zhao Kuo’s victory came back to the State of Zhao, which was greatly pleased.What they did not know was that the graves for zhao’s 400,000 troops had been dug.In the Zhao army to raise the army to chase, Bai Qi sent two strange soldiers, all the way around the Great Wall of The Hundred stone, surprise Zhao army, captured the very strong but only a few defenders of the Changping pass, and then to the Great Wall of the hundred stone line of attack on the Pass.The Pass was the most important one in the war. It was the only important passage between The Zhao army and Handan.Guan lost, on behalf of the Zhao army of any news can not be spread.At this time, Zhao has been surrounded by bai Qi’s army, Zhao Kuo chose to hold on to reinforcements.At that time, Zhao Kuo was not worried. As long as the news was sent back to the state of Zhao, the state of Zhao would certainly come to its aid. Although the state of Zhao had few soldiers to consign, qin and Zhao were not the only states in the world.If Zhao asks for help from other states, an army will come.But Zhao Kuo’s idea has become a luxury, Zhao Jun’s news was blocked.In the Warring States period, the means of communication were relatively backward, and the news was not timely.As soon as the news of zhao Kuo’s victory reached the court, Zhao Kuo was surrounded.Even if the Qin army did not capture the Guguan, it would take zhao some time to get the news and send people to help. Now the news is completely blocked, it is impossible for the Zhao side to have reinforcements.At the same time, in normal people’s perception, 400,000 versus 400,000, even if the army is defeated, it will not be completely destroyed, there will always be news.There is no chance of a one-for-one siege.But white is the realization of 400,000 to 400,000 surrounded.Under the condition of information blockade and common knowledge, it is impossible for the Zhao side to wait for reinforcements.The king of Zhao did not realize the seriousness of the situation.Of course, the rest of the world was more isolated, but it was not because the rest of the world was not isolated that they would not have been helped.Because the essence of war is profit.Zhao did not ask for help, did not propose the exchange of interests, the other countries will not send troops.Throughout the Warring States Period, there was only one circumstance in which the disaster-stricken country would take the initiative to send troops to help, except when the disaster-stricken country asked for help. That was when the disaster-stricken country was about to subjugate.This is not because they are great, but also because of two words: profit.At that time, Wei attacked Han and Wei attacked Zhao. Qi saw that Han and Zhao were about to be destroyed, so qi sent troops to help them. Although Han and Zhao asked qi for help, Qi was ready to help them when Han and Zhao did not ask for help.Because Qi cannot watch Wei continue to grow bigger.For example, later Qin attacked Wei, bai attacked Daliang, the capital of Wei, and Yan and Zhao sent troops to rescue the state.For example, when the state of Qin attacked Handan, han and Wei also sent troops to help it, because the battle of Handan had reached the point of the survival of Zhao.Everything is two words of interest.In the eyes of all countries, the battle of Changping could not rise to the level of subjugation. Moreover, qin and Zhao were the strongest at this time, and the other countries were happy to see the internal conflict between the two states.Therefore, no matter from the point of view of whether the message can be transmitted or the essence of the interests of the war, all countries will not take the initiative to send troops to help zhao.To sum up, the only important passage between zhao and Handan has been captured by Bai Qi. The news of Zhao’s army in Changping has been completely blocked. When Zhao Kuo’s victory in the first battle was reported, no one would have thought that zhao’s army had entered bai Qi’s encircling area.Because the information was blocked, zhao could not make a judgment, which caused the existing information delay was extended again.At the beginning of the war, The state of Qin had secured the other five states to some extent. If the state of Zhao did not take the initiative to ask for help, the other states would not send troops to help them even if they got the information.In the eyes of other states, the battle of Changping is not a battle for the survival of The state of Zhao. It is not wise to risk sending troops to offend the state of Qin when there is no profit to be gained.From the point of view of interests, the mutual consumption between qin and Zhao is beneficial to the other five states.Therefore, zhao Kuo’s troops were besieged for more than 40 days without waiting for rescue.