During the Spring Festival holiday, these scenic spots in Changping are very eye-catching. Where did you go?

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On the third day of the Spring Festival, the holiday is almost half over. In addition to eating and eating, playing and playing is another major theme of the holiday. Xiao Ai found that our changping several popular places to play attracted a lot of friends to play and go.This year is the year of the tiger to changping District Nankou Town Huyu Natural Scenic area to enjoy the ice waterfall, ice amusement let you have a tiger tiger live in the New Year.Here in northwest Beijing, temperatures are much lower than in the city, and the sudden drop in weather has created favorable conditions for icefall production.Make the ice waterfall white as jade, crystal clear, beautiful shape.Enter the scenic spot on foot or take a scooter into the winter sun, these icefall glisten, crystal clear, white as jade.There are ice climbing projects in the scenic area as well as additional ice and snow entertainment projects in the reservoir ice rink: ice four-wheel drive, ice bike riding in the wide ice rink this is definitely the most worthwhile place to go in the year of the Tiger winter Address: North huyu Village, Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing Price: adult ticket 40 yuan/piece;Student/senior ticket: 20 yuan/ticket.Ice climbing, ice four-wheel drive and other items will be charged for tickets purchase and reservation: Meituan, Ctrip 02 Leduo Port Wanda Plaza recommended attractions:”Fireworks Show”, Ice Paradise, shopping and food From the first day to the sixth day, Leduo Port Wanda-AR art Fireworks show officially kicked off in Leduo Port Holiday Square in Changping. Just download and open the “Huawei AR Map APP” to get a panoramic view of the wonderful digital world.Here you can not only see a grand romantic fireworks ceremony and fantasy of the undersea world, around the side of the shark from the head of the koi, soaring gold and silver dragon juyongguan Great Wall far apart…All kinds of shocking and wonderful virtual images are at your fingertips, and 3D virtual digital immersion flower road navigation system makes you feel as if you are in the future world!To learn more about the activity, click on this all-category all-weather garden food block in Leduogang Wanda Plaza, which integrates more than 60 delicious food, specialty restaurants and exotic restaurants, and will satisfy your taste buds to the greatest extent.At present, an outdoor ice rink has been opened in the Sunken Plaza in the wanda Plaza center of Lodo Port – Frozen Planet Ice Park. With the beautiful melody, children are skating on the real ice rink.Add: No. 29, Nankou Road, Chengnan Street, Changping District, Beijing fireworks show Free viewing: download and open huawei AR map APPThe China Aviation Museum is located in the small Tangshan town of Changping, Beijing, a thousand years old town. At present, the museum has collected more than 15,300 pieces of weapons and equipment of the Air Force, such as aircraft, ground-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft guns, radar and so on.■ Hangbo great man aircraft exhibition area display 4 aircraft are chairman MAO and other older generation of leaders have taken the special plane.One of them was chairman MAO’s plane in which he visited Guangzhou.The aviation museum is composed of several parts, such as the great man aircraft exhibition area, the special aircraft exhibition area, the fighter aircraft exhibition area, the cave gallery exhibition hall (temporarily closed), the hero memorial wall, and the hero avenue.The lunar New Year holiday we response to a call to the Chinese New Year in Beijing have a lot of friends with the elderly, children early in the morning the whole family together out to the museum is also a good choice ~ address: Beijing changping district xiaotangshan town along the sandy path price: free (with id) to make an appointment: “air force” online public, click on the navigation at the bottom of the Po booking 04 badaling outlet recommend to watch for:Famous product discount, lion dance performance, full amount of gifts located in The Beijing Tibet Expressway Badaling Outlets created the current domestic positioning high, discount strength, good shopping experience Aolai here do not need little love too much introduction is really very famous Spring Festival holiday, Badaling Aolai not only has icbc ibuy Spring Shopping consumption of 1000 less 100;There are also dragon and lion dance performances, which make you feel the thick Chinese New Year flavor. Two pairs of lions play with each other on the street or beside the shop, and they spring up. Their front legs fly into the air and the lion’s head swings.There are also big screen interactive games (February 2 -6), the big screen of the Central Plaza interactive mini-games customers can get all kinds of New Year gifts with shopping receipts.There is also douyin Challenge (online activity) come here for happy shopping and happy Chinese New Year!Address: Chenzhuang, Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing