Newbie sheep, virgin sheep or parturient ewes?

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When most beginners start raising sheep, they probably run into this question, right?When buying breeding ewes should you buy virgin ewes or parturient ewes?Virgin has not yet produced refers to the sheep sheep sheep, lamb to pregnant sheep at this stage for the first time after weaning, its age in 3 ~ 12 months, usually are young, so they are called young sheep, the sheep production means has been produced ewe lamb (refers to one or more raw lamb experience ewe, basically all call breeding ewes).The advantages of buying virgin sheep are as follows: 1. The price is cheap (compared with parturient ewes). Now the price of small-tailed han sheep is 1000-1500 yuan (about 8 months old), while the price of parturient ewes is 1300-1800 yuan (under 5 years old).2. Low risk (relative to paring ewe), generally good paring ewe will not be sold unless the paring ewe is not good (singlet, miscarriage, stillbirth, poor motherhood, etc.) or the seller is in a hurry to sell.If it is a virgin sheep, because the seller does not know whether the sheep is a good ewe, just like people, you do not get married, you do not know whether the person can bear children, can support a family.Disadvantages of buying virgin sheep: 1. The birth of lambs requires special care, and in most cases requires assistance.Like other people, it was very difficult to give birth to the first child. On the one hand, I had no experience, and on the other hand, the genitals had not been opened. On the other hand, it was easier to give birth to the second child because I was experienced and loose.When a virgin sheep gives birth, it is restless and needs help.In the case of ewes, lambs fall out just standing there, most of the time without help!2. Most virgin sheep are unable to take care of young lambs and need help feeding.Because there is no experience, mostly virgin born loud lamb can regardless of lamb, sheep colostrum on if the lamb is not the first time to eat, that is more dangerous, so people want to seize the ewe, guide it feed the lambs, and let it dry lick little lamb body of water, the second time the lambs, need not tube, it will know what to do.Advantages of buying a parturient ewe: 1. A parturient ewe is experienced in raising lambs, so people don’t need to care about it. It gives birth by itself and takes good care of it.2. High birth quality. Generally speaking, the quality of lambs born from female sheep is better than that from virgin sheep. After all, lambs have been born and all aspects of the body function of sheep have been fully developed, so the quality of lambs is relatively high.Therefore, lambs from virgin sheep are generally not used as breeding ewe!Disadvantages of buying parturient ewe: 1. The price is high, so sheep keepers are reluctant to sell a good parturient ewe.If they sell it, it will be at a good price.What sheep farmer would give his best ewe to someone else to make a fortune?2. It is easy to buy bad sheep (singleton, abortion, stillbirth, poor motherhood, etc.).This matter is no joke, five months of hard raising, the result is a single child or abortion, or stillbirth, all these months of efforts will be in vain.Advice: I have bought virgin sheep and parturient ewes over the years.My experience is: if you know the root of the matter, the first choice is parturient ewe, parturient ewe from breeding to production, basically do not worry about, save too much worry.If you do not know the specific situation, it is best not to choose parturient ewes, this risk is too big, if the move, a sheep at least 500 yuan loss.If it is true breeding, the best is to buy a batch of virgin sheep from a large sheep factory, good conditioning for 1-2 months, and then breeding, the first year when a little tired, every sheep under the lamb have to worry about, but the second year is good.