Super Star intelligent and Xinjiang Jimusar County people’s government to discuss intelligent agricultural equipment industry base landing

2022-04-28 0 By

January 24, Super Star intelligent and Xinjiang Changji Prefecture Jimusal County people’s government based on intelligent agricultural equipment industry base project for preliminary exchange.The two sides adopted video conference to introduce their respective development, resource advantages and overall planning of cooperation, etc., and carried out in-depth communication and exchanges in the strategic layout of building intelligent agricultural equipment industrial base in stages.Superstar intelligent general manager An Huaming first briefly introduced the company and the project situation.From the company’s background, resource advantages, technical achievements, talent support, business model, products and other aspects of a comprehensive detailed introduction.At the same time, the overall planning of intelligent agricultural equipment industrial base project is elaborated in detail.Fang Junshen, standing member of jimsar County Committee and executive deputy head of Jimsar County, introduced the specific situation of Jimsar County from the aspects of geographical location, land conditions, development status and policy support.The leaders of the two sides had an in-depth exchange and discussion on the problems faced by digital agriculture, the market prospect of intelligent agricultural machinery, the construction goals, ideas and overall structure of the industrial base.Anhuaming, general manager of Superstar Intelligence, believes that we should comply with the development trend of “Internet +”, take the deep integration of informatization and agricultural mechanization as the main line, take “one program, one platform, two centers and two districts” as the overall structure, accelerate the aggregation of talents, technology, capital and other high-end elements,To promote the overall transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization industry with the perspective and concept of intelligence, specialization, integration and brand, and comprehensively build an intelligent agricultural equipment industry base integrating scientific research and innovation, experiment and demonstration, intelligent manufacturing and overall management.Finally, Jimsar county deputy secretary, county magistrate Ding Ding made a speech.He said that the meeting made clear the overall idea and overall structure of the intelligent agricultural equipment industrial base, and it was a good start.At the same time, he looked forward to the future cooperation between the two sides.At present, digital agriculture is facing many problems, such as heavy hardware, light software;Machinery, no intelligence;Weak productization ability;The digital economy is weak and so on.Super Star intelligence is in this predicament, with innovative scientific and technological achievements and technical means to stand out.In order to continue to expand the resource advantages and development space of the enterprise, in response to the national 14th Five-year Plan and rural revitalization strategy, Superstar intelligent actively seeks high-end platforms and partners to break data islands, realize the integration and sharing of resources, and jointly promote the development of smart agriculture.All in all, the meeting to a certain extent promoted the cooperation between Super Star Intelligence and jimusal County People’s Government in smart agriculture.Both parties will find the right direction of cooperation, make full use of their unique resource advantages, and lay a foundation for the implementation of the future intelligent agricultural equipment industrial base.