Xie Annian, Gu Nanxi, Ye Fei night three hall level love author, who is the king of love defending

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently many book fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly into the situation of book shortage.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee., today small make up recommend everyone: Xie Annian Gu Na west, Ye Fei night three beer in romance writer, who is the king of the romantic defending # refused to book shortage # first book: “rumbled among your daughter-in-law again not obedient” author: Xie Annian, content abstract: he thinks she is just a bright red is about to drip of the middle, play in the palm, let him with contempt.But I do not know that roses have thorns, dripping blood into ink.A brief introduction: this is a story of falling and being falling.Practical version of the introduction: domineer girl counterattack abdomen black young handsome, all the way love each other to kill, eventually become a good couple.She washed her hands first, carefully touched the scissors, curled up her fingers, with effort.About to grab the knife in the palm of his hand, the opposite Han Dongge suddenly let out a muffled laugh.He was wounded in the chest, and a force would move the wound, especially a smile.Sheng Rose lifted eyes to see him, not good vision: “what are you laughing at?”Han Dongge frown micro wrinkle, early will her every move and every move to see in the eye, she sat down after, eyes will have been staring at the table scissors, look tangled.She must have been dying to use those scissors.Women are always vulnerable…”You must be very disappointed.I’m alive.”Han Dongge suddenly asked.Sheng Rose drooping eyes, long eyelashes a quiver quiver shake.She picked up the scissors and looked at him for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and saying: “Shaoshuai don’t move, I want to change your dressing.”Han Dongge coagulate eyebrow to see her, eyes gradually deep.Cut off the gauze, is a shocking cross wound.The wound was deep, slightly black and still oozing blood.Sheng Rose slightly frowning, with alcohol cotton, gently wipe the edge of the wound.It must have hurt. The disinfection process was the worst.However, Han Dongge was completely indifferent, with the same expression on his face and eyes, as if he could not feel anything.His too calm reaction, let Sheng Rose surprised and puzzled.Unconsciously, the force in her hand dropped a little.After disinfection, medicine and bandaging are required.Sheng Rose one hand gently press his wound, one hand picked up gauze, around his body, its wound from front to back, a round and round to wrap up.Han Dongge is still staring at her, seems to want to from her eyes, all the way into her heart.His gaze, too focused, was disconcerting.(Click the following link to read the novel) Second book: Ye Is Sick Jiao in Love by Gu Nanxi Content Introduction: Father always said, Xu Fang, why don’t you go to die.Because of the abnormal alignment of her chromosome 6, she doesn’t feel hungry or hurt, and she can’t speak.Dr. Xiao yi always said: Xu Fang, you are the legend of gene medicine.Her eyesight and hearing are 21 times that of a normal human, her running, jumping and arm strength are 33 times that of a normal human, and her ability to regenerate and heal herself is 84 times as high.Jiang Weave put down the cup, stand up from the sofa, and walk to a meter away from her in slippers, look at her eyes, this pair of eyes beautiful is beautiful, deep can not see, will make people panic.”Zhou Xu Fang.”He called her by her first name. First time.Zhou Xufong looked up with fixed eyes, thinking that he was not only good-looking, but also had a pleasant voice.Jiang weave another step forward, look unknown, a deep eyes can not see the bottom, dark, he asked: “AM I good?”Zhou Xu Fang was stunned.His tone was casual: “Let me ask you, am I good-looking?”Why did he know enough to ask?He was the best looking man she’d ever seen, as good as her marshmallow box, and she wasn’t blind, too good to miss.She nodded. “HMM, nice.”Jiang weave mouth curved once, sure enough, he this damn beauty.The man with the debt of intelligence was right once. The man was attracted to his beauty and did a series of odd things that intrigued him.It’s not surprising. He’s seen it all the time.He lifted his chin in a good, friendly tone and said, “Don’t like me. I’m not interested in women.”She’s weird, but interesting. If she were a guy — “Okay, I don’t like you.”Jiang weave was her serious answer choked, one breath blocked, face red, lung pain, covering his mouth on the fierce cough: “cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough……”Why is she different from the other men and women who pursue him?Shouldn’t she have continued to chase him after he refused?”Cough cough cough cough…”The more cough lung pain!Zhou Xu Fang stood calmly and calmly, with no special expression on her face, and asked, “Are you all right?”Jiang woven picked up the cup on the side, also did not care about hot mouth, poured a big mouth, smooth gas, face is still hot, cold eyes at her: “You mouth hard what?I won’t do anything to you.”Zhou Xu spins expression by dull change meng.She’s not being tough.Cotton candy box again beautiful, she will just see, not how, jiang weave, she like his appearance, but she is not greedy, she also like congee shop to buy the chandelier, every time to send takeout will see a few eyes, but she will not steal home.Jiang knit by her expression made a little irritable, back over the body to solve buttons: “you go out, I want to sleep.”(Click the following link to read the novel) third book: “Time and you are very beautiful” author: Ye Fei Night Content introduction: after marriage Lin Jia Song, was not long when yao out of the house, he in order to go home, exhausted all methods failed to succeed, finally put the eyes on the small steamed stuffed bun body.The small steamed stuffed bun listened to Lin Jia song proposal, and he hooked a hook finger, soft meng Meng back: “happy cooperation!”So – the steamed stuffed bun received the robot that night, when yao cheated to the restaurant, secretly said to Lin Jia Song: “Daddy, mommy accompany you to eat.”Small bun close…She disregarded his idea, without authorization in the school after the celebration of eggs, he is not happy, she can understand and accept, but she never thought, he would be unfeeling to such a point.She really liked him, liked him from the freshman, so these three years, no matter how the whole school boys chase her, she kept rejecting people away from the lofty.Only he, she had used the thought, also used the courage.As it turned out, she had used the wrong heart and the wrong nerve.She was a complete failure.Even after the end of today, she will become a joke as everyone talks about her and admires or envies her.She was unwilling, unwilling to lose like this…Thinking, Qin still canthus, with a line of tears fell down, she looked at Lin Jia Ge, like looking at suddenly changed the heart of the heart of the han general, sad and miserable opened the mouth: “you, how can you talk like this?””You, if you really don’t want to deal with me, why did you accept the thousand paper cranes I sent you, and why did you make an appointment with me in the school dining room for dinner, if you really don’t want to deal with me, this egg, why did you agree to at the beginning?”As Qin still words more say more, the tears of her fundus, flow more and more fierce.In the end, she looks like a pear with rain, very poor.”You don’t have to like me, but you can’t be such a bully!”Oh!Is this a rehash?See the scheme can not succeed, began to sell poor in front of the whole school, and then give him Lin Jia Song according to a trample on human emotions of cheating with female feelings of the man set!Although there is a saying, call good men don’t fight with women, but, unfortunately, he Lin Jia Song for irrelevant women, never be a good man’s idea…Well, now that she’s opened her mouth, it’s just as well he’s done with the old and the new!In the face of crying sad to cry pitiful Qin still, Lin Jiagge’s face not only did not have the slightest move, but between the eyebrows reveal the expression, more thin and cool, even the tone of his mouth, are cold to make people frightened.”One, the gift I confiscate, be you trust a person to send to my dormitory of, later I also trust a person which come of return which go.””Two, the dinner in the dining hall, because of this school celebration, if I remember correctly, YOU and I have only seen that side, and if I remember correctly, the first night, you gave me a gift…”Speaking of Lin Jia Ge here, took a glance at Qin Still, and said something in his voice: “…The timing is good…”(Click the link below to read the novel.) 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