Ma Li starred in the film cumulative box office more than 10 billion response to bad film doubt | Year of the Tiger Spring Festival

2022-04-29 0 By

According to the real-time data of Lighthouse Professional edition, as of 0 o ‘clock on February 3, the box office of the movie “The Killer is not too cool” reached 476 million yuan, helping actress Ma Li starring in the movie cumulative box office of more than 10 billion yuan.Ma’s films include Me and My Hometown, with a box office of 2.829 billion yuan;The movie “Shy Fist” earned 2.213 billion yuan;”I and My Fathers” earned 1.477 billion yuan;The movie goodbye Mr. Loser earned 1.448 billion yuan.On Feb 2, the hashtag # Ma Li responding to criticism of bad movies went viral on Weibo. In an interview for her new film “The Killer is Not Too Cool”, Ma Said that she had been wronged when some viewers criticized her for taking bad movies.She worries about the damage a bad film will do to her reputation, but sometimes actors can’t control much.”Not Too Cool,” starring Ma Li, is the only comedy among the eight films slated for this year’s Spring Festival. Based on the 2008 Japanese comedy “Magic Time,” the film tells the story of a small-time actress who accidentally becomes a real killer.With 6.9 points on Douban and nearly 500 million yuan at the box office, the film is expected to be a “dark horse” for the Spring Festival.Red Star news reporter Zhang Shihao editor Duan Xueying (download red star news, the news prize!)