Only-child parents 60 one full year of life, how much money do you get every month?

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It varies from place to place.How many money does only-child parents get every month 60 one full year of life?For parents who have an honor certificate for parents of only child, they can enjoy rewards and subsidies.Incentives and subsidies are mainly divided into two types: one is the incentive payment to children before they reach the age of 14 or 18 (the specific payment age varies from place to place);The second is the reward at retirement.Among them, the reward and subsidy treatment at retirement mainly includes three forms, one is to issue a certain amount of one-time reward, the other is to add a certain proportion of pension, the third is to issue a certain amount of pension or purchase endowment insurance.As a result of the reward allowance treatment when only child parents retires, it is each province makes respectively, and different province, the regulation is different also, the regulation is set in the population of this province and family planning byelaw commonly, so, parents of only child 60 years old can get how much money, see the specific policy of this province even.One-time bonus Some areas in the only child parents retirement amount of one-time bonus is not the same as the degree of economic development in different provinces, as well as financial situation, the number of only child parents is not the same, therefore, one-time bonus is also high and low.Among them, Shanghai will issue a one-time bonus of 5,000 yuan, while Liaoning will issue a monthly subsidy of no less than 10 yuan or a one-time bonus of 2,000 yuan.Hebei will issue a one-time bonus of no less than 3,000 yuan.Beijing will give a one-off bonus of at least 1,000 yuan to the parents of an only child if the woman is 55 and the man is 60.In addition, some provinces offer a certain proportion of pension to parents of only children when they retire, which is reflected in a certain proportion of pension, rather than a one-time bonus.Among them, Chongqing for the only child to work before January 1, 1996 parents, an increase of 3 percent of the basic pension.Jiangsu province will increase the pension by 5% of the monthly salary before retirement.Guizhou for the state organ staff, public institution workers according to their retirement month of the basic salary 5% additional retirement subsidies;Enterprise worker adds the 5% of primary annuities when retiring hair annuities.Employees of state organs and public institutions in Anhui shall have their pensions increased by 5% when they retire;When enterprise worker retires, give one-time allowance.Parents of only children in Hainan get a 5% monthly increase in retirement or basic pension.Grant certain amount of endowment allowance or purchase supplementary endowment insurance still have province is grant certain amount of endowment allowance or purchase supplementary endowment insurance.For example, Jiangsu also stipulates that if the pension is not increased by 5%, it can also be given a one-time reward by the employer, or a supplementary endowment insurance.Shandong only child parents for enterprise workers, retirement by the unit in accordance with the city divided into districts of the previous year workers of the average annual salary 30% of a one-time pension allowance.From a practical point of view, shandong’s one-time pension subsidy standard can be more than 20,000 yuan, a considerable number, but this money is issued by the enterprise, the implementation of the enterprise is also a problem.Shandong is also planning to revise the policy, stipulating that when you retire or reach the age of 60, you can get one-time pension subsidy or regular reward and support fund. The specific standards will be formulated separately.Summary: only-child parents 60 years old, how much money to get every month, different provinces are not the same, with local policies prevail.And should get this money, those who have an unit is to want to get through the unit commonly, those who do not have an unit is to pass community or village to reside committee to apply commonly, prepare the data such as card of honor of singlechild parents, id card.To know more about the one-child subsidy policy, welcome to pay attention to think of think of, welcome to like forwarding!