Ruida futures: coking coal outlook or strong shock this week

2022-04-29 0 By

JM2205 contract rose sharply last week.Coal mines have gradually resumed production, and the comprehensive operating rate of coal washing plants has increased slightly, but stocks of high-quality resources have fallen to a low level.At present, imported coking coal resources are tight, and maritime coal resources are still in shortage. Superimposed, the coking coal inventory level of downstream coking steel enterprises is low, and there is still a purchase demand for coking coal downstream, which supports the strong coking coal price operation.However, short-term prices rose too fast, and high-level policies are still regulated, the outlook this week or strong shock.Technically, JM2205 contract rose sharply, weekly MACD indicator shows the red momentum column continued to expand, focus on the lower ema support.Operation suggestions, short – term should not be more, call back light warehouse buying, pay attention to risk control.