“A Collection of Essays” -(1587)- A walk in the snow

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Niannujiao Walk in the Snow Niannujiao Walk in the Snow By Shen You Qiong Flowers dancing, looking at the mountains and rivers silver, the whole sky is the same.Laugh away in the vast ice and snow, the guest to hide no trace of birds.Liao Liao Jiangtian, despite xiao proud, this feeling elegant.Like a fairyland, the chest of the United States.Recite the north scenery, the original chi wax elephant, who can enemy verve.Walk the streets and alleys again, and novel search.Proud children, happy haoshou, together cherish the eyes.Epilepsy ye smile asked: you know today is what evening?Attached: Brief introduction of Mr. Shen You – Shen You, nickname: Shen Erepilepsy, primary school teacher, jiangsu coastal people, especially love to moan at leisure, still a little grassroots feelings.Sick hang water, meet evil like hatred.His works are mostly found in friends circle and wastepaper basket at home, and occasionally on the Internet.Editor’s words —– appreciate beautiful article, feast for the eyes, good body and mind, better than taking medicine!In order to enhance the soft power of coastal culture and enrich the cultural life of the people, we set up columns on the mainstream media of cities and counties such as 、、、、.Here is the world of elegant scholar, the heaven of ink!Literati to express their feelings, to express their thoughts.The reader can benefit, the poet can improve.