Cooperate with universities in Hubei, choose Wuhan University instead of Huazhong University of Science and Technology?Huawei is smart

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Huawei’s project cooperation with universities across the country has caught the attention of netizens.Recently, Huawei joined hands again. This time, Huawei became smart and directly cooperated with the most favorable schools in Hubei province, and jointly built the “smart base” shanqiao Integration and cooperative education base with Wuhan University.Huawei’s selection of Wuhan University is very accurate. First of all, Wuhan University is a key university directly under the Administration of the Ministry of Education, one of the 211 and 985 national universities, as well as a double-first-class construction university, ranking among the top universities in China. The overall strength and core competitiveness of the university are very strong.In terms of disciplines and specialties, Wuhan University is A typical comprehensive university with 6 undergraduate courses and 123 undergraduate majors, 5 first-level disciplines, 17 national second-level key disciplines, and 18 disciplines ranked top in ESI worldwide. 19 disciplines have been evaluated for Category A in the latest discipline evaluation.Among them, Marxist theory, geophysics, Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology, and library information and Archive Management were rated as A+, ranking first in the country.There are more than 3000 full-time teachers in Wuhan University, including 2930 full and associate professors, 8 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 6 Academicians of Chinese Engineering, and 65 winners of National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholars.In terms of scientific research, wuhan university, scientific research strength, with remarkable achievements, has four national key laboratories, 10 at the national level experiment education demonstration center, two high-end think-tank, won the national natural science, national invention and national progress prize in science and technology, 75, jointly set up more than 70 high and new technology enterprise.In terms of talent cultivation, the first to put forward the “innovation and entrepreneurship” of wuhan university education new idea, cultivate a large number of innovative composite talents, now produce various senior professional talents of more than 500000 people, among them, more than 100 members, the quality of students, is very popular in the students of wuhan university, is one of the popular with the students of the university, students quality is very good,In 2021, wuhan University’s highest admission line for liberal arts will reach 646 points, and the highest admission line for science will reach 670 points. Universities like examinees are definitely examinees with academic performance.For this reason, Huawei chose to directly build the “intelligent base” of industry-education integration and collaborative education base with Wuhan University.This collaboration with huawei, wuhan university, made use of the advantages of both sides, through the reform of education and curriculum optimization, using the Kong Peng, rise and huawei cloud, such as technical advantages, established a complete university personnel training system, deepen the integration education is not only for huawei delivery of high quality talents, can also cultivate the top domestic new computing industry talents.In addition, wuhan university, computer science and technology strength is not weak, in the course evaluation also belong to A class of course, in addition, the strategic advisory committee recently set up A computer school of wuhan university, as A result, wuhan university computer related professional strength greatly increased, at the same time the two sides in the fusion of production and education, personnel training, and other fields has A good cooperation basis,With the vigorous cooperation between Wuhan University and Huawei, we are sure to achieve rapid results and cultivate more innovative talents with high quality.Wuhan University in 2021 admission line, hubei province admission line is the lowest.Huawei won hubei University again and chose University of Science and Technology instead of Wuhan University.Huawei is wrong?Assist Hubei University, do not choose Huazhong University of Science and Technology, choose normal university?