Give sugar and orange farmers a good year

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“Hopefully next year the fruit will be bigger and sell better.”The bell of the New Year is about to ring. Cheng Zhiqiang, a villager from Huangtian Village, said his New Year’s wish.As a member of the poverty monitoring households in Huangtian Town, Cheng Zhiqiang has been the object of concern of the Task force of The Fourth Association of Foshan City in Huangtian Town to help towns and villages.In order to Cheng Zhiqiang’s New Year “wish”, but also for the village of Huangtian town to become more beautiful, better, the arrival of the New Year, this team from a foreign land, still did not stop, has been sticking to the post.In fact, since July 2021, including city, foshan city, foshan city, foshan city public security bureau, bureau of finance, administration and comprehensive law enforcement bureau, foshan city, foshan institute of science and technology, the financial investment holding co., LTD. Of “tiejun” have been rooted in sihui huangtian area of 89.6 square kilometers of land, the past, they found the village affection, find problems and seek solutions, system planning……In order to catch a good market before the festival and not delay a new round of sowing, on the afternoon of January 26, xia Daiyun, Luan Xiaoxiao and He Guihua, three members of the team and a cadre from Huangtian Town, jumped into the field at the news.In recent days, the team members of Foshan City in Huangtian Town, Sihui town, helped the town and the village shuttle back and forth in the village, chatting with the villagers, investigating the needs and expectations of the villagers;They dig into the fields to help farmers harvest ripe vegetables in time.They have face-to-face discussions with town and village officials to discuss local development…”There has been a lot of change, and the appearance of the village has improved a lot.”Into Mr. Tang village, a large lawn came into sight, a river around the village, a pillar of buildings built according to the mountain, patchwork, beautiful scenery.Luan Xiaoxiao, a team member, was impressed by Mr. Tang Village in Huangtian Town. In his opinion, after more than a month of improvement of the living environment, the village has gradually improved, and it is also a step closer to the building of the whole village.”I wish you a good harvest in the coming year and your children go to a good university.”Make the players most concerned about the summer dayun or the village has difficulties of the masses, in Cheng Zhiqiang’s home, the team took the Spring Festival couplets, gifts, for him to send New Year’s greetings.Cheng Zhiqiang lives in the village, is the fruit farmers in the village, the main economic income comes from the mountain after planting hundreds of sugar orange, last year with the help of the task force, several thousand pounds of sugar orange most successfully sold.”From helping sugar oranges find sales to delivering water and supplies, they all work.”Cheng said.In order to make cheng Zhiqiang planting sugar orange more market, the task force has specially invited agricultural college experts to investigate, for his sugar orange to provide customized sales plan.The reporter learned that Foshan city in Huangtian town to help the town village team entered since, for huangtian town sugar orange publicity and promotion, for the masses to build a platform, expand channels, drive huangtian town sugar orange sales of 200,000 pounds, with practical action for the masses to help, promotion rich people.”I hope the next year will be a good harvest, better sales and a better life.”The bell of the New Year is about to ring, cheng Zhiqiang is located in the village of every household decorated with lanterns, full of flavor.At the same time, the position of the team is not idle, in Foshan City in the Sihui Huang Tian town to help the town to help the village team office, liang Zhu, the captain, led a team member, is still in the New Year wishes of the villagers and stick to.Nanfang Daily reporter Zhu Hongxian