Hebei Software Vocational and Technical College: nourish craftsman spirit with red culture

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History is eternal because of remembering, and the spirit is carried forward because of inheriting.Bearing revolutionary history and revolutionary spirit, red gene is not only an important source of ideological and political education for college students, but also the spiritual connotation of training artisans and successors of socialism in higher vocational colleges.In recent years, Hebei Institute of Software Technology has always adhered to illuminate the direction of running school with the red original intention, nourished the craftsman spirit with the red culture, organically integrated the red gene with the craftsman spirit through continuous exploration, and promoted the inheritance and innovation of the “red craftsman spirit”.At the same time, a series of red theme education practice activities have been carried out to practice and explore the core concept of “red ingenuity” cultural education, and build a brand of “red ingenuity” cultural education with the characteristics of higher vocational colleges.Visit veterans of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and practice the power of example.The example power of war veterans is the vivid embodiment of red gene.To strengthen the red patriotic education of youth, through gathering lianchi district of baoding city armed forces, patriotic support for the advancement of social resources, the taihang museum, for four consecutive years since 2019, after the Anti-Japanese War veteran activities, respectively to the centenarians anti-japanese hero Gu Zhengxi, anti-japanese hero high carbon, jia-wang li, shu-xing wang predecessors,He helped 4 veterans of the War of Resistance against Japan materially and spiritually, visited them for more than 10 times, improved the lives of poor veterans of the War of Resistance against Japan, and sent them warmth and care.By listening to the veteran of the War of Resistance against Japan to tell the unforgettable war years, bloody battles, defending the revolutionary history of the country, to capture more historical details, remember more historical stories of the War of resistance against Japan, and establish the archives of the veteran of the War of Resistance against Japan.The Anti-Japanese War veterans deeds into classic case study, lead the teachers and students learning spirit of Anti-Japanese War veterans, practice of Anti-Japanese War veterans mission, give full play to the Anti-Japanese War veterans model demonstration effect, encouraged more students to study hard professional knowledge, improve the ability to promote students’ thinking style and, form “ShuangQian growth, everyone success” originality “red” culture education situation.Pursue “red footprints” and practice red inheritance.The school has cooperated with baoding Military Academy Memorial hall, Pingxi Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, Qingyuan Tunnel station site, Baoding Martyrs Cemetery, Taihang Museum, Work-study Movement memorial hall and other units, and established more than 20 off-campus patriotism education bases.These cultural venues provide a good carrier and platform for schools to foster patriotism and red culture education.Relying on the resource advantage of red revolutionary area in hebei province school in hebei province in 2019-2021, organizes the student to the red culture education base, the patriotism education memorial red old revolutionary base areas such as accumulated more than 20 times, pursue our revolutionary footprint, profound great feats of the revolutionary martyrs, to accept the red revolutionary spirit edification education.With vivid stories, vivid characters and complete history, students will be guided to feel the revolutionary spirit of the old revolutionary veterans who risk their lives and fight bloody battles, interpret and carry forward the spirit of Anti-Japanese War, and let the red gene enter their eyes and ears, minds and hearts.Tell the red story and practice the red spirit.Taking the deeds of veterans of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression as the red education material for college students, innovating the way of communication, constructing the all-round propaganda matrix, and promoting the propaganda work of the spirit of the war of resistance against Japanese aggression from three-dimensional, multi-angle and multi-dimension.Through the combination of online and offline methods, the college students of the National Defense Reserve Company went to primary and secondary schools and universities in Baoding city, and actively carried out propaganda activities for the spirit of Anti-Japanese War to teenagers in various forms, such as military display and propaganda, telling good red stories and promoting the spirit of Anti-Japanese War.At the same time, relying on the university’s “Two Micro end” multimedia platform, promote the publicity activities “into the dormitory, into the network, into the classroom”, so that the red gene in the hearts of students take root and sprout, lasting generations.Veterans are dying slowly, but the spirit of veterans of the war of resistance will never die.In 2020, the school filmed the deeds and spirit of Jia Zhengxi, a veteran of the War of Resistance against Japanese War, into the propaganda video “Original Mind · Inheritance”, which won the second prize in the national micro video Contest of “The Power of Inheritance” and the first prize in Hebei Province. It also launched the platform “Learning power”, and the video has been played for 237,256 times.The heroic and unyielding national spirit of the veterans of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression inspires more students to inherit the red gene, integrate the red gene into their blood and soul, turn it into action and consciousness, do a good job of passing on the red spirit, and strive for the realization of the “Chinese Dream”.Under the nourishment, shaping and embellish of “red ingenuity” campus culture, it strengthens the patriotism of college students, cultivates their good character and firm will, improves their comprehensive quality significantly, promotes the formation of excellent style of study in an all-round way, and creates a good learning atmosphere.The success rate of students in the school and the level of talent training have also been constantly improved, realizing the simultaneous improvement of craftsman spirit cultivation and red culture cultivation.(Correspondent Li Yan)