Hou Youyi 2024 Invincible?Green Net Army ‘next step’ revealed

2022-04-30 0 By

According to Taiwan media reports, the media recently released a survey of political popularity, the KMT chairman Eric Chu bottom of the 13 people, and the SUPPORT of the KMT is also falling, in contrast, new Taipei City mayor Hou Youyi ranked first in political popularity, can be said to be “a lone star”.Chen Zhengshun, a member of the KMT hsinchu County Council, believed that Zhu’s disadvantage was that he was constantly attacked by the net army, just as the net army had beaten Han Guoyu in those days.The next step for the Net army is to keep a close eye on Hou. Once Hou is ready to run for 2024, he will be attacked by the Net Army. As long as anyone has the heart to grab the “big position” of the leader of Taiwan, the Net Army will not let go.Chen zhengshun said that he often encouraged Chu to continue to promote party affairs according to the original pace and procedures, and not be affected by others. The important thing is to give yourself more time to settle down, and people will still rush to take photos with Zhu in this year’s election.Against the kuomintang (KMT) party support falling, dislike and even hit a 16-year high, Chen Zhengshun again, as the party chairman Eric chu should keep pace with the normal procedure, step by step to go, continue to go to the party to promote good, don’t be affected by others, because many seemingly contradiction within the KMT, actually are green in the tear,After all, the media is now mainly controlled and dominated by green camp, from Taoyuan epidemic to Hsinchu. As a result, the news is mostly criticizing The Mayor of Hsinchu, Yang Wenke, and rarely criticizing the Mayor of Hsinchu, Lin Zhijian.Talking about Hou Youyi not only high political reputation of the first, but also the major poll champion.Chen Zhengshun with their own re-election of three terms of experience analysis, if 2024 Hou really want to grab the “big”, so will be green camp net army repair, is now the past South Korea Yu, now Zhu Lilun, because as long as the heart of the big net army will not let go, no matter who are.