Strong nuclear newspaper countries “I”, break through the “neck” to be a leader

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As a nuclear industry person in the new era, Wang Mei led her team to rise to the challenge again and again, self-reliance, bold innovation, and contribute to the strong nuclear service to the country.This article was published in Women of China magazine. Senior engineer, Technical Quality Room, Physical and chemical Testing Center, North Nuclear Fuel Components Co., LTD., leader of “Wang Mei Female Employee Innovation Studio”.On December 20, 2021, the news of shidao Bay high Temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) nuclear power plant demonstration project connecting to the grid for the first time has attracted attention, which is the world’s first spherical bed modular HTGR nuclear power plant.I couldn’t be more excited to be part of this great national project.My inspection work ensured the quality of the spherical fuel element, providing the first barrier to safe reactor operation.CNNC North Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd. is an industrial base producing the most complete types of nuclear power fuel components in China, and undertakes the manufacturing and scientific research tasks of nuclear materials and nuclear fuel.In July 2007, I graduated from Lanzhou University and became a chemical analysis and testing technician in the Physical and chemical Testing Center.I was first influenced by the nuclear industry spirit of “career above everything, responsibility above everything, pursuit of rigor integrated into everything, and enterprising achievement of everything”.As soon as possible in order to grasp the testing skills, I almost every day in the laboratory, with a small notebook, a record of each operation process of the master, to “pursue” due to work, surf the Internet to find relevant documents, such as measurement of uranium dioxide powder, phosphorus element in why add ammonium molybdate, why what has happened to chemical reaction, it can only add so much quantity…We check all the way through the production of the nuclear fuel components, just like making biscuits, from the raw materials like flour and water, to the process, to the finished product, to make sure that every step of the process is of the right quality to produce the right product.In order not to waste time, I often buy an extra omelette for lunch in the morning.Hard work pays off, and SOON I’ll be able to operate on my own.Half a year later, I was appointed as the leader of the Chemical analysis Group of the Testing Center, and successively participated in the research work of major national science and technology projects and several key projects of CNNC.In 2014, wangmei Female Employee Innovation Studio was established, which is the only testing laboratory in The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region engaged in the chemical analysis of nuclear materials and nuclear fuel.This year, the studio faced a big challenge: to undertake the analysis and characterization of various materials in the production of the world’s first industrial-scale HIGH-TEMPERATURE gas-cooled reactor nuclear fuel element.This production line is China’s first independent research and development of the establishment of all detection methods and methods can only be explored.To make matters worse, my wife was sent to study abroad for half a year, and I had to take care of my two-and-a-half-year-old twin daughters.At that time, I was a fighter full of energy.Get up at four or five o ‘clock in the morning, search information online learning;Then I cooked breakfast, asked someone to pick up the children and send them to the kindergarten, worked all day for the experiment, and went home to put the children to sleep in the evening, and continued to check the data.Sometimes, after reading a story to the children, I fell asleep with them.There are 18 lesbians in the studio, with an average age of 33. Most of them have children like me, but none of them have missed work because of family affairs.We have overcome the testing difficulties one by one with the unique female seriousness and tenacity and the craftsman spirit of “dedication, professionalism, concentration and persistence”.In that year, we established 7 precise detection methods, which were successfully applied in product quality detection, and became the “eye of process and guide of quality”, and collectively won the National May 1 Women’s Award.We have carried forward the nuclear industry spirit of “Two bombs, one satellite” and “Four Everything”, and strived to fulfill major national tasks.In 2018, our innovation studio undertook the planning, layout, decoration and other work of the experimental building in the research and support project of CNNC North Company.I took my team up and down to over 30 LABS.Take the length of many families, we designed the experiment platform, realize one person to operate multiple equipment to improve work efficiency, and adjust the height of the experiment platform from the details, so that the operation of the detection personnel is more comfortable.The emergency sprinkler cabinet has also applied for a national patent.In July 2021, the experimental building was completed and put into use. When everyone and I moved the first microwave digestion device into the experimental building, tears welled up in our eyes.Today, we are a leader in the development of testing technology, drafting and completing a number of national, industry and local standards.We have declared 87 national patents and won a number of scientific and technological progress awards. We are proud of our contribution to the strong nuclear newspaper.This article was narrated with technical support by One Companion Editor/Wang Mei