The employment report of overseas students has been released, and the annual salary of overseas returnees with an annual salary of 40W+ has increased by 8%

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According to relevant statistics, the number of overseas students will reach more than 1 million in 2021.By 2022, the total number of Chinese studying abroad has reached 10 million.With the improvement of social and economic level, how to solve the problem of children’s education has become the focus of many parents.As more and more people attach importance to the problem of education, the environment for students to receive education is becoming better and better.Especially in recent years, many parents have realized that education should be combined with various factors. For example, many parents are more inclined to let their children study abroad and contact with foreign education mode.The number of people studying abroad is increasing year by year. Studying abroad is no longer just for a few people. Many families are in good condition and parents are willing to spend money to send their children to study abroad.On the one hand, it is convenient for students to study, on the other hand, it is also to let children go abroad.After the epidemic, many families’ plans to study abroad have been disrupted.But in terms of the total number of students studying abroad, there are still many students who choose to go abroad for further study.After all, after being exposed to one education model, students can broaden their horizons by contacting another completely different education model.According to this year’s statistics, the total number of students who have signed up to study abroad has reached 830,000 so far.Although we often mention that the teaching quality of Chinese universities is improving, employers are also more inclined to recruit students from Chinese universities.However, according to real employment data, students with overseas study experience still have some advantages.Especially in some large enterprises, they prefer to recruit graduates from prestigious foreign universities.These people may not be very ideal in the study of foreign universities, but after returning to China, there are still many enterprises offer olive branch.According to a recent report on the employment situation of overseas students in China, the number of returnees earning more than 400,000 yuan a year has increased by 8% compared with 2021.Such a figure is beyond the reach of many ordinary Chinese employees, considering that the average annual salary of overseas students was more than 160,000 yuan last year.We can learn from these data that overseas students still have certain advantages in today’s job market.Such a salary compared with the domestic college students just graduated, it is a heaven, a ground.Moreover, according to the survey of enterprises in first-tier cities, they prefer to recruit overseas students.Although their average salary requirements are relatively high, many companies say they can accept them.International students are more cost-effective why to say that international students are more cost-effective?So let’s do the math.If students are going to study in developed countries, they will spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars during their study.Many parents are also worried that they can not get so much money for their children to study abroad.But if we do the conversion, if after finishing the study and returning to China, the annual salary is the most basic 160,000 yuan, it will be back in a few years.If the annual salary can reach more than 400,000 yuan, it is basically two or three years to earn back the expenses of studying abroad.Moreover, employees’ salaries often increase year by year, and it is relatively easy to earn back their tuition fees.From these comprehensive perspectives, international students are relatively cost-effective.But I also remind you that not everyone is suitable to study abroad, the most basic is to have a certain financial strength to support.Different countries have different requirements for international students. For many international students, the first step in studying abroad is the language problem.Many countries also have different requirements for overseas students, but basically they should have language scores.For example, many Western countries require international students to have a minimum ielts score of 6.5, and more developed countries require even higher ielts scores.In addition to the language to pass, students far away from home without the help of parents and friends, may also encounter certain problems in life, which requires students to have independent ability, and to have a good attitude.At the beginning of studying abroad, people are definitely not used to the local conditions and customs, and even there will be some unacclimatized reaction.If you want to continue to study in this country, you have to overcome these problems, which is also a test for people.In today’s environment, different people have different views on studying abroad. Some people think staying in their own country is the safest, while others think they should study abroad to expand their knowledge.I don’t know if you have known about the policies of the Ministry of Education on studying abroad. Some time ago, the Ministry of Education issued a notice encouraging students to study abroad, which also shows that studying abroad is actually very beneficial and a good stage for students to grow up.But we should also know that studying abroad is not a small thing. If you really have the idea of studying abroad, you should first combine your actual situation and choose a suitable educational institution for studying abroad.Topic of the day: Do you think overseas students have a bright future?Welcome to comment and share.