1-3, the National football team humiliating defeat to Vietnam out!Same cycle, different failure!

2022-05-01 0 By

The Chinese football team lost again, 3-1 to Vietnam.Vietnam scored its first win against China in the round of 12 and the first win at the Asian zone finals of the World Preliminary round.The Chinese team went out in disgrace.I don’t want to talk about points, wins, glory fights, do-overs.This only adds to our shame.It’s hard to feel anything but shock and confusion.The National football team is really in all the fans poured a body cold water, cool to the heart, cool to the soul.Really, until now we just have a real understanding of the strength of the National football team.The manager, the tactics, the form, and so on are not the problem in this kind of game.We have no other reason than low level.Weak attack, out of position defense, more casual passes like clearances and shots like that, you hardly even see at school level.Soccer players should have the storm of youth, tough and fierce, you can not see in the National football team.Chinese fans really do not have a few ball blind, strength high and low, fighting loose, can see.That was not what the scoreline showed and we were not as strong, as in form, as in focus.The results don’t lie.According to some statistics, Vietnam and China are actually six of a dozen.The Chinese team even gained the upper hand.China’s possession rate was 60% and 153 possessions.Vietnam had only 76 attacks.However, Vietnam’s finishing ability is stronger.Scored three goals from four shots on target.It’s not luck, it’s fundamentals.Of course, the joy of the New Year will soon clear the fans of the tangle, because after all, disappointment in China’s head has circled for many years, we have long been accustomed to, but also because football is not all fans.On the other hand, football is what the National team is all about.As an athlete, you have to have a competitive attitude.Perhaps fate, an inescapable cycle, rules us.In any case, or look forward to the next cycle, this session of the National football team will not be our material to show off.Under the New Year, the cold wind is warm, sincerely hope that the national football team is also warm, come on.