According to the lunar calendar | February 14, rape open China

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The annual solar calendar from the middle of March to the end of April, is the rape flowering season in Wuyuan.Local 100,000 mu of rape flowers, winding in the green mountains and water and white walls and black tiles, painted a vast sea of flowers spring scenery.Coupled with the crowds of people to admire the flowers, so that the southern Huizhou, the annual pilgrimage to the resort of rape.Rape, also known as brassica, is an annual herb of the Cruciferous family, native to Europe and Central Asia.Rapeseed has a long flowering period and strong habit. Luoping in Yunnan province, Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province and Menyuan in Qinghai Province are the three largest rapeseed planting areas in China.Due to climate factors, rapeseed flowers bloom in Luoping after the Spring Festival every year, followed by Wuyuan, while menyuan does not blossom until June or July, which can be said to stretch for half a year.Rape is the first to enter the field of vision of the people, or should be the identity of oil crops.A single rape flower is very common. However, when tens of thousands of acres of rape flowers are in full bloom, the whole sea of golden flowers as bright as sunshine will make people who have just gone through the winter feel extremely warm and amazing.Compared with sunflowers, which also have a sunny outlook, rape flowers are more suitable for the topography and climate of east Asia.Between the fields, scattered that a touch of bright yellow rape, has long been jiangnan spring scenery for granted, even if countless encounters, still let a person never tire of.Because of this, simple rape flowers, more and more people are willing to stop, stop to watch the beautiful scenery, become an unforgettable beautiful image.Even Qianlong also wrote poems to praise: yellow calyx skirts thick green leaves, thousands of villages xin Bo pressed new oil.Love his livelihood, not idle flowers and weeds flow.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai