Champions League champions group starts: Zhao Xintong’s two matches are in the final four, liang Yan’s one win and one loss

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On the third night of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the champions League champions group round-robin kicks off, with seven rounds to determine the top four and then the champions League winner.Before the early morning end of the seventh group champion, by the old and healthy, both attack and defense wizard Higgins won, group semifinals, 3-1 beat the champion of this event Brother Wilson, the final to 3 again:2 team to fight for the ranking of China star ding junhui and title, before the group round robin, higgins also dead ding junhui, the score and the champions league, starting from 6 groups, thereby come back disappointed, not only failed to rank among the champion group, and 28 times in most powerful rocket, or impossible to get a win, you count to five straight after the rocket, a record 6 in a row,And the two historical record has been rewritten to 20 minus 5 wins and 3 draws, so, ding’s confidence blow is not small, not general.The seven players in the Champions League Group are:Zhao tong, liang wenbo, YanBingTao, higgins, graeme – Dortmund, donaldson, bingham, this group of players, China’s unprecedented 3 star in the column, natural making small Tong and all the fans are looking forward to, all hope that one person in three will stand out and win, but difficult, because the star higgins and bingham, are world champions winner, good nature,The two men are sharpening their knives to win the championship.As for Zhao Xintong, a rising star from China who just won the German Masters, the second champion of her career, she has won the British Championship and The German Masters in succession this season. She is so strong and expansive that she naturally expects to win another title.Single season champion, of group ranked lower donaldson, unexpected team championship and the champions group, very surprised, is a little dark horse a horse, is expected to record, however, tang’s monk brothers donaldson for Chinese fans know the reason mainly lies in the fact that the fight with the Chinese brother a ding junhui, in the process of burned ever let ding, such as forward 2020 grand prix snooker first round,Donaldson 4 bureau zero seal Ding Junhui, Ding Yu open the door black, imprint is engraved on my heart;In the second round of the 2020 German Masters, Donaldson won 5-2. Ding won the second round.Veteran champion team players, in addition to donaldson, Dortmund, is also very surprising, its early by 2 large ranking title, still in the closet technology, this old trees sprout, it is an accident, but can walk how far, small Tong do not look good, after all, time and tide wait for no man, how much more champions group of players, who master in the column, which is bad to deal with, it is meaningless, take it one step,Just be happy.Champions League champions group started, in the end of the game, the result strength talk, strong constant strong, first only to win the title of Higgins, the first game of Dort, 3-2, in the first two games of dort, refused to lose the last three games, crazy win three, reverse, the beginning is very strong;Zhao Xintong of China, the first player in the single season, won the match 3-1. It seemed that Xintong had not recovered from the German Masters. Xiao Tong felt that she was not in good shape and made unnecessary mistakes frequently.Zhao heart child, however, in the next battle with two seniors bingham, still sleepwalking, 3-0 defeat, two seniors in the first two innings play, powers and a shot to win, heart children’s confidence, lose their, accident has defeated, the last four hanging on by a thread, and the third war against c tao, a key, not success is not successful, otherwise will set the final group of four.Other events after the end of the strongest YanBingTao still weak after 00, 2:3 by two seniors bingham dead, two seniors feel is relatively good, and liang wenbo, deputy director of the face of ever let ding junhui round, second round tour of donaldson, or the strength to speak, two pole 50 +, winning three games sporadic, 3:0, a good start to the New Year, however, Donaldson is not to play soy sauce, he faced Dott, the same 3-0 win, the final four still have a chance, as dott, the opening and heart child, two defeats, the final four is not good.Small Tong repetitive along while, or use the data to talk, be clear at a glance: Mr Kim, 2 wars, bingham wars 2 wins, donaldson 2 1-1, liang wenbo war 1-2 wars, zhao tong, YanBingTao 1 battle, from the current record, the heart bottom, if the remaining 4 wins, the last four easy, but if we lose a, the last four.Here, small tong make a bold prediction, the champion group of four will be: Higgins, Bingham, Liang Wenbo, Yan Bingtao, as for the champion, will be won by Higgins, so forecast, do not use, use the consequences, post for proof.