Danger!Two meters of ice has blocked roads here in Qinghai

2022-05-01 0 By

Over the past few days, the snow and ice on roads caused by snowfall have been serious. The provincial public security and traffic departments have gone all out to remove snow and ice and ensure road safety and smooth.Recently, a road in Dali County, Guoluo State froze with an average thickness of 0.8 meters, and the thickest part of the ice was as high as 2 meters. The local public security, traffic and other departments of civil auxiliary police and staff worked for 15 hours to eliminate all the huge hidden dangers here.Reporters learned that due to a large area of snow, coupled with a sudden drop in local temperature, snow and ice on the road, dari County construction of rural road spring and ice road, slowly formed on the road ice.After the bad weather, the county public security Bureau and the traffic bureau emergency communication, and arrange staff, seriously investigate icy snow sections.In the investigation found in the construction of ri County rural road snow ice serious, the average thickness of the ice 0.8 meters, the thickest up to 2 meters, not only caused inconvenience to pedestrians, once the vehicle in the ice driving skid, will be likely to slide to the road has begun to melt ice in the Yellow River.In order to minimize the loss of people’s lives and property, the relevant departments of The day county began to rescue the ice.Winter, digger, 1 tablet trailer, 1 a command vehicle, and seven staff at the day in more than 4000 meters above sea level, the county township construction of rural roads constantly busy, hard in the 15 hours of “ice-breaking”, then in February 12, 20, highway 155 square meters of ice were all removed,The safety of pedestrians and vehicles has been guaranteed.Source: Xining Evening News Producer: Gao Zhaohua Editor: Liu Xinghai Editor: Feng Lichen, Zhu Weilin