Learning online | the world’s most influential list, nanjing 12 were selected

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There are 595 Chinese scholars, accounting for nearly one third of the total, in the AI 2000 list released by nanjing University.Among them, 219 are working in China.The 14 people selected from Jiangsu are involved in seven fields, including classical AI, computer vision, data mining, multimedia, visualization, computer network and Internet of Things, ranking first in China.Among the selected scholars in Jiangsu, classical AI and Internet of Things have the largest number of scholars.Among them, there are 4 people including Zhou Zhihua from Nanjing University in classical AI field, 4 people including Zeng Yong from Southeast University in Internet of Things field, 2 people including Wang Limin from Nanjing University and Zhang Kaihua from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology in computer vision field, and 1 person each in data mining, multimedia, visualization and computer network field.The AI 2000 list was first published in 2020. It was jointly published by AMiner team of Tsinghua University’s Department of Computer Science, Intelligent Spectrum AI and The Joint Research Center for Knowledge and Intelligence of Qinghua-China Engineering Science Knowledge Center. It aims to select the most influential and dynamic top scholars in artificial intelligence in the past decade from around the world through AMiner academic data.It has become one of the important weathervanes in the AI field.The list covers 20 core areas of AI:Classical AI, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, robot, knowledge engineering, speech recognition, data mining, information retrieval and recommendation, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, database, multimedia, visualization, security and privacy, computer network, operating systems, computational theory, chip technology and the Internet of things, and virtual reality — an emerging field.This article is part of the text collection in the network, if there is infringement, copyright belongs to the original author, please contact zhangcheng@jmtad.com, we will deal with within 24 hours.