New China pay technology to enable, for merchant payment escort

2022-05-01 0 By

At present, the third party payment gradually permeates every aspect of contemporary people’s life and promotes the development of digital industrialization.The new China Payment under China Pay, with China Pay’s deep cultivation in the third-party payment industry, provides merchants with a boost to the digital transformation, which is widely praised in the industry.As a leader in third-party payment, China Pay is committed to providing every enterprise and individual with secure, convenient and confidential electronic payment services.China Pay payment has top technical personnel, outstanding talents in the financial industry and senior entrepreneurs, and has extremely rich experience and perfect operation mode in products, technology, management and service.From the perspective of the new Payment under China Pay, it provides merchants with a variety of payment schemes, such as bank card swiping, waving and flash payment.In addition, the new China Pay also provides convenient, fast, password change and other functions, including China Union Pay magnetic strip card reading card authentication, password input security check authentication, to ensure the payment security of merchants and customers.Nowadays, digital wave has swept through, the digital pay has become the trend of the future, in the new pay capable of it, that needs to change the retail infrastructure, therefore, in the new pay electronic payment arises at the historic moment, simple and easy to register, you can enjoy 24 hours considerate considerate service, in terms of safety, in the new pay more professional encryption to ensure the safety of the user.In addition, in the process of use, the new Pay supports bluetooth function, through bluetooth to connect to the mobile phone client, making the connection more stable, truly realize the freedom of payment;After the completion of payment, the automatic generation of electronic purchase form is convenient for checking, SMS and electronic signature double prompt, so that users feel more secure;Can enjoy personal exclusive financial services, such as checking receipt, payment, balance and other life services at any time, intimate and fast.To begin now, many retailers enterprise transformation, and the like in the pay pay of the third party payment service platform, more need to improve the comprehensive digital services of merchant ability construction and the user’s payment ability, and, in fact, in the pay pay has been in product innovation and quality service experience has made the good result, has received the widespread attention in the industry.It is believed that in the future, With its keen market insight and top technical ability, China Pay will provide better service experience for many small and micro businesses and become their trusted partner.