Promote consumption upgrading and tap the potential of night economy

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As night falls, a promotional video for the Beijing Winter Olympics is shown on a 5G+8K screen in Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing.Big outdoor screens like these are becoming a beautiful calling card for many cities.Has issued by the “cities thousand screen” implementation guide “, put forward the “hundred cities thousand screen” activities led by pilot demonstration project, through the guidance of new or modified domestic screen is 4 k / 8 k ultra clear screen, rich ultra hd audio service scenario, facilitate high-definition audio and fusion of innovation and development in many ways, and create new technologies, new forms and new pattern.Upgrading of the information industry as a whole in October last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the central propaganda department, the Ministry of Transport, culture and tourism, the state administration of radio, television, radio and television reception jointly issued “the implementation of the” hundred cities thousand screen “high-definition video landing promotional activities of the notice, and recently jointly issued by the” cities thousand screen “implementation guide”.Behind the implementation of the campaign is the accelerated development of the ultra-high-definition video industry in China in recent years.It is reported that uHD video is a new round of major technological innovation following video digitalization and HIGH-DEFINITION, which can drive profound changes in all links of the video collection, production, transmission, presentation and application industry chain.In order to promote the core link of the industrial chain to move towards the middle and high end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other three departments have issued the Action Plan for the Development of the Ultra HIGH Definition Video Industry (2019-2022), proposing to vigorously promote the development of the ultra high definition video industry and the application of related fields according to the overall technical route of “4K first and 8K at the same time”. The development goal is “by 2022,The total scale of China’s UHD video industry has exceeded 4 trillion yuan, the 4K industrial ecosystem has been basically improved, breakthroughs have been made in the r&d and industrialization of 8K key technology products, and a number of internationally competitive enterprises have been formed.”Uhd video technology, with its stronger information carrying capacity and more potential popularization and application value, provides new scenarios, new elements and new tools for consumption upgrading, industrial innovation and social governance.”Wen Xiaojun, director of the Electronic Information Research Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, believes that the development of ultra-high-definition video industry, on the one hand, can promote the improvement of people’s livelihood services, meet the upgrading needs of people’s cultural life consumption;On the other hand, it also drives the overall upgrading of the information industry and accelerates the intelligent transformation of the industry with video as the core.Industry insiders point out that uHD video is differentiated by resolution, and higher resolution will bring more details and richer color levels, making the audience feel more real and shocking when watching videos, and making the uHD large screens in many cities become landmark buildings.Accompanied by the sound of drums and gongs, a red and yellow two little lions dancing up and down in the air, lively and lovely, as in front of my eyes.This is a video of “Lion Dance and Spring Festival” recently shown on the naked eye 3D screen on Chunxi Road in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.Many citizens and tourists stopped to watch and raised their mobile phones to take pictures.This big screen has become a local Internet celebrity card.The campaign aims to create more similar sites for Internet celebrities.Enhance the image of the city with the help of ultra-high-definition screens, promote consumption upgrading, tap the potential of “night economy” and “Internet celebrity economy”, and light up the urban space.It is reported that the “Hundred cities and Thousand Screens” activity supports the cities with a good industrial foundation and the intention to try first to form a replicable and promotable activity model.We encourage the renovation or installation of ultra-high-definition screens in major business districts, large-scale integrated transportation hubs, Internet celebrity landmarks and cultural venues.We will encourage local governments to carry out diversified uHD video content broadcasting services in accordance with laws and regulations, explore various technical routes and means of transmission, and promote innovation in business operation models.In June last year, 28 screens from 20 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Wuxi, were included in the list of candidates for the first batch of public screens.At present, Beijing Times Square, Guangzhou Xinda Xin Department Store, Chengdu Chunxi Road, Chongqing Guanyinqiao, Wuxi Yaohan and other outdoor ultra HD screens have received good response.The holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games has brought rare opportunities for the development of the domestic ultra HD video industry.For the first time, 5G+8K technology will be used for the Beijing Winter Olympics.At the end of January, the 8K+5G uHD video full-service broadcasting vehicle designed and manufactured by Beijing ZhonguHD Collaborative Technology Center Co., Ltd. and UHD Video (Beijing) Collaborative Technology Center has been deployed in the Capital Gymnasium to make 8K public signals for short track speed skating and figure skating events.According to Yang Jian, deputy general manager of the company, there has never been a large-scale use of 8K livestreaming for such high-level sports events worldwide before.At present, the transmission vehicle technology system and carrying scale also represents the world’s most advanced level.”The localization rate of broadcast car is more than 15%, forming the first set of more than 20 technologies and products in the world, the first set of products in China and domestic substitution, driving the development of uHD video 8K industry.”In the viewing end, more 8K screen into people’s life.During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Beijing will set up more than 200 8K display sites in different communities and business circles to broadcast live games and 8K ultra hd video programs related to the Winter Olympics.8K ultra hd screens have also been set up in qinghe, Yanqing, Taizicheng and Chongli stations on the special line of Winter Olympic High-speed railway.During the Winter Olympics, CCTV-8K ultra HD channel was broadcast simultaneously on hundreds of ultra HD screens across the country.In addition to the large screen, 8K TV can make people feel the charm of ultra high definition video more intuitively.”This is a great TV to watch!”A new, oversized 8K TV was installed at the Sunhe District Civic Activity Center in Beijing’s Chaoyang district to help people watch the Winter Olympics.Community resident Zhao Heping praised after watching: “not only myself watch, but also mobilize my neighbors to watch the Winter Olympics games together, cheer for the athletes!”It is reported that through the “8K into the community” activity, 200 oversized 8K TVS have entered Beijing 150 communities, 10 universities, sports venues, administrative sub-centers and other places, so that citizens feel the wonderful winter Olympic Games from zero distance.Experts say that by innovating a new mode of uHD video and audio communication and taking the opportunity of broadcasting uHD events in the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics”, the upgrading and application of video and audio equipment can be accelerated, the maturity of technical standard system and industrial chain can be promoted, the construction of new infrastructure can be accelerated, and the industrial ecology of collaborative development can be built.Reporter: Li Zhen source: People’s Daily Overseas edition