Qijiang people during the Spring Festival network voice this hospital was exposed

2022-05-01 0 By

Yesterday (3) day, chongqing Qijiang district a citizen through the network affectionate point praise Qijiang district cerebrovascular hospital, to its benevolence and kindness to give double praise.The patient’s family reported as follows: On the third day of the first lunar month in 2022, zhao Yizhen went to the emergency department of Wenlong Street Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention Hospital in the morning and was admitted to the general internal medicine department with heart failure.When I passed through the hall on the first floor (about 10 o ‘clock) on my way to do CT, MY husband was at a loss. My sister in the pharmacy called for help. I and Director Zhang Yuanmao of the emergency Department ran to the front hearing the sound.Two security guards (identified only as Yang and the other as unnamed) rushed over with us and carried my mother into the emergency room.Under the efforts of emergency medical staff, director lai of anesthesiology department, resident attending doctor Luo Yulong and another young sister doctor, my mother was pulled back from death.Here, AS a patient’s family member, I want to say to you: “You are a kind doctor, and you look beautiful when you run busy.You are skilled in pressing, puncturing and intubating!How firm and soft was the sound of every verbal order you gave and repeated!Every character you record contains a serious and responsible work attitude and hard work!Your tacit teamwork spirit is worthy of our trust!My thousands and thousands of words finally into a sentence: “you hard!Thank you very much!I wish you a happy New Year!Work well!The whole family is happy and healthy!”