The agreed refund time was postponed, and some of the refund time was delayed for three months. Many ef parents suffered from “difficulty in refund”.

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Extreme news reporter Zhang Yu promised to refund in three months, the deadline is approaching delay and delay;Obviously a lesson did not go on, refund time encountered problems;Refunds, training institutions also take away the contract and payment receipt signed by customers, and even the refunds agreement can only be photographed, not retained.Over the past few days, jimunews reporters have received complaints from parents who found it difficult to refund fees at the Aeon store of a wuhan English Auxiliary Language Training Center (EF).On February 12 and 13, the head of the agency failed to respond to repeated communications from the journalists.In 2019, Ms. Yang opened an Aeon store in EF and paid 16,300 yuan for her child’s English training.”The child did not go to primary school at that time, and now has been in the first grade, but the fees have not been withdrawn.””I only paid half of the 16,300 yuan course fee, and the head teacher changed three times,” Yang told Jimu News.Yang later paid another 15,960 yuan to the agency.She explained, “I signed up to pay fees because there were many staff members who offered discounts, but now my child doesn’t want to go because of frequent changes of teachers.”According to statistics, Ms. Yang paid a total of 32,000 yuan before and after, of which 15,960 yuan was paid for the second time, the child did not attend a single class.Last December, Ms. Yang negotiated with the other party to refund the fee, and promised to refund the fee, but there has been no follow-up.By this month, Ms. Yang had gone to the agency three times to negotiate with no results.Ms Yang said: “There were many parents who signed up at that time, and some of them, like me, have not been able to apply for a refund, as little as five or six thousand yuan, as many as ten thousand yuan.”When a reporter of Jimu News called the landline number of a training institution that Ms. Li provided for refund consultation, the number was found to be empty.The most frustrating thing for Ms. Yang was to apply for a refund, but the training institution took away all the contracts and receipts for signing the training. Even after signing the refund document, Ms. Yang was not allowed to keep it and could only take photos.Yang said, I only signed a contract for my second refund of 15,960 yuan, but the other party didn t even stamp it. I never received the promised refund.Ms. Yang was in the same boat as Mr. Li, who opened an Aeon store in EF and had difficulty refunding his fees.Li told Jimu news that he applied for a refund on Dec 10 last year, and wan Ruosi, the child’s head teacher at the time, said the refund would take place on Feb 10.According to reports, Mr. Li paid 7,500 yuan for the training of his children.The child did not attend any formal classes except for three experience classes.”I haven’t taken any formal classes,” he told Extreme News. “Why is it so hard to get a refund?”Since December last year, Mr. Li has communicated and confirmed with the other party at least twice, and the other party said that the fee would be refunded on February 10.When the promised refund time arrived, Mr. Li found that his account did not receive any refund.”It was too late,” Li said. “I had to communicate with my head teacher Wan Ruosi online. She explained that the company’s finance staff had just returned to work and the refund would have to wait until February 19.Was she never going to tell me until I asked?”On Feb. 11, Mr. Li received a phone call from a financial officer at the agency, who promised again that the fee would be refunded on Feb. 19.Mr Li said: “I am worried that this is another ‘delaying tactic’ for training institutions to refund fees.”On February 12 and 13, this reporter repeatedly contacted the agency, a staff member of the other side said that they would communicate with their superiors before making a reply.As of press time, the other side has not responded.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.