The polar Star 2 has an acceleration of 7.4 seconds and a range of 485 kilometers. What is its strength?

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New energy vehicle development is rapid, also more and more get the favour of many consumers, in order to meet the demand of modern consumer car, many car manufacturers, its have also introduced a lot of new energy vehicles, today let’s say the protagonist is a star of 2 2021 single motor standard range, the guidance of this car price is 257800 yuan,Whether or not this car is worth buying, let’s learn about it.Design or according to old practice first let’s look at the appearance, after all, in this era of level control in appearance, has a high level of appearance appearance can let we are interested in it, more want to learn it, as a whole the sense that gives a person is to compare the young fashion, the front face is irregular modelling design of the intake grille, internal blackened processing,Large, match again left and right sides of the headlamp unit identification is very high, in the automobile body side, the whole car ShenYao line is more slender, below is equipped with more than 19 inches of radial modelling design of wheel hub, makes the whole lateral movement, in terms of body size, dimensions, respectively is 4606 mm, 1859 mm, 1479 mm, wheelbase 2735 mm,In the rear of the car body, the taillight adopts the through-through modeling design that is more in line with modern consumer aesthetic standards. It is very beautiful after being lit, and its identification is very high, which greatly improves the safety of drivers at night.Interior layout to vehicle interiors, whole feels more that occupy the home, is equipped with a 11.15 -inch and 12.3 -inch LCD all instrument control panel, display of information is very rich, articulation is also very high, make the whole interior sense of science and technology, on the material is more exquisite, improve the quality of the entire interior,And steering wheel USES is leather material package, is feeling very comfortable and also be more convenient to operate, in space, the height 178 cm, the seat to the most comfortable position, the legs of flexible space is very big, the distance to the top of the head with a punch two fingers, came to the rear, the legs of the distance between two fists, space is very comfortable, on the other configuration,There are also equipped with reversing image, lane keeping assistance system, Internet of vehicles, automatic parking, uphill assistance, cruise control, collision warning and other functions.Powertrain the car will be powered by an all-electric 224-horsepower motor with a maximum peak torque of 330 N · m. Powertrain is matched by an electric single-speed gearbox with an official 100km acceleration time of 7.4s.The battery type will be ternary lithium battery with a battery capacity of 64kWh and a battery range of 485km.Overall, the comprehensive strength of this car is good, with a relatively fashionable appearance, rich configuration, space and endurance can also meet the daily use, occupying a great competitive advantage in the same level, if you are interested in this car, you may wish to know.