Xi ‘an Metro plans to ban the use of mobile charging items, what is the basis of this regulation?

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As we all know, the power bank has become a necessity for many people to travel. At present, the high-speed railway does not forbid the use of the power bank. Is it possible that the safety requirements of xi ‘an subway are higher than those of the subway?At present, it seems that the only thing that can actually ban the use of power banks is civil aviation, so let’s take civil aviation as an example.So first of all, how will the proposal of “no charging banks in the subway” be implemented?First of all, civil aviation has a whole set of security procedures before boarding, which takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete. What can be carried on the plane directly, while what can’t be carried can be checked.Even if such security checks could be implemented, who would want to arrive at a subway station two hours early?Secondly, each flight is usually equipped with three or more flight attendants in a small cabin, so it can effectively monitor whether passengers use the charging bank.On the contrary, each subway about 6 above carriages, how to supervise?Should we assign people to each car, or should we assign people to monitor every corner of the subway during operating hours?Obviously, no matter which method is adopted, it can not be completely eliminated. If it is crowded with people in the morning and evening peak, it is impossible to supervise, and it will greatly increase human costs.So who pays the extra cost?Why not raise subway fares to make the poor pay?Finally, what should be done once someone is found using the power bank?In fact, there are explicit provisions in the Civil Aviation Safety Law of China, and corresponding punishment measures are also given after the incident.When carrying a battery pack on board, the aircraft complies with the relevant regulations of CAAC on carrying lithium batteries, which are distinguished according to their rated energy value (watt-hour).Those less than 100 watt-hours are allowed to board;According to the formula of rated energy value, when the voltage is 4 VOLTS, the rated energy value of 20,000 ma ×4 volts =80 watt-hours, less than 100 watt-hours, in line with the provisions of CAAC.Even a 20,000mah battery with a 5-volt battery rating of 100 watt-hours can be flown with airline approval.Most common charging banks have a “capacity” between 3,000 and 15,000 mah, with some charging banks having a “capacity” of 20,000 mah.Most of them are labeled with a voltage between 3 and 4 volts, so the rated energy of most of them is in line with the regulations of CAAC to allow boarding.In addition, I would like to remind you that if there is no charge bank marked with any label, it will not be allowed to board the plane. Moreover, since lithium batteries must be connected to the equipment for checking, the charge bank can not be checked, but should be allowed to board the plane with hand luggage.It is strictly forbidden to carry charging treasure with rated energy exceeding 160Wh;It is strictly forbidden to carry the charging bank that does not indicate the rated energy and cannot calculate the rated energy by other parameters marked.On the other hand, there is no relevant law to support the use of the charging bank on the subway, which will lead to ambiguous treatment by the staff.How to use mobile charging items?Do my AirPods count in the earphone case?Does my Huawei reverse charge my iPhone count?In addition, since there is no corresponding law, it is relatively difficult to implement. What if someone uses the charging bank?Dissuade, or according to the law according to disturb the order of public transport, or included in the credit investigation?If it is merely discouraging, is the cost of violation too small?Clearly, these are issues for policy makers to consider, rather than a blanket ban.If it’s a matter of public safety, then I’m all for it, but as the saying goes, “Not a widow, but a balance.”Don’t in the implementation of the “make a fuss” on the matter, “bolstering the bold, starving the timid” in the end can only limit us these “honest people”.