Specification sheet for hf welded H beams

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H – beam steel is a new economic construction steel.H section steel is a more optimized section area allocation, more reasonable strength to weight ratio of economic section high efficiency profiles, because of its section and the English letter “H” the same name.Because each part of H-beam is arranged at right angles, h-beam has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light structure weight in all directions, and has been widely used.Compared with i-steel, the strength of folded structure is larger in section modulus, and 10-15% of metal can be saved under the same bearing conditions.With the same beam height, steel compartments are 50% larger than those of concrete structures, making the layout of the building more flexible.The dead weight of the folded structure is light compared with that of the concrete structure, and the reduction of the dead weight reduces the internal force of the structure design, which can make the foundation treatment requirements of the building structure low, the construction is simple and the cost is reduced.Folded structure stability to hot rolled H-beam steel structure, its scientific and reasonable structure, good plasticity and flexibility, high structural stability, suitable for bearing vibration and impact load of the building structure, strong ability to resist natural disasters, especially suitable for some of the earthquake belt building structure.According to statistics, in the world more than 7 magnitude of devastating earthquake disaster, the h-shaped steel structure building is the least affected.Compared with the concrete structure, the steel structure column has a small cross-section area, which can increase the effective usable area of the building. Depending on the building form, the effective usable area can be increased by 4-6%.Compared with welding H-beam, folding can save labor and material significantly, reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and labor, low residual stress, good appearance and surface quality.Folding is easy for machining, easy for structural connection and installation, and easy to dismantle and reuse.Folding environmental protection using H-beam steel can effectively protect the environment, specific performance in three aspects: one is compared with concrete, can use dry construction, low noise, less dust;Second, as a result of weight reduction, foundation construction less soil, small damage to land resources, in addition to reduce the amount of concrete, reduce the amount of rock digging, is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment;Third, after the service life of the building structure expires, the amount of solid garbage generated after the demolition of the structure is small, and the recycling value of scrap steel resources is high.The industrial production of steel structure based on hot rolled H-beam has a high degree of industrial production, which is convenient for mechanical manufacturing, intensive production, high precision, convenient installation, easy to ensure quality, and can build a real house manufacturing factory, bridge manufacturing factory, industrial plant manufacturing factory and so on.The development of steel structure has created and driven the development of hundreds of new industries.Folding construction speed covers a small area, and suitable for all-weather construction, little influence by climate conditions.The construction speed of steel structure made of hot rolled H-beam steel is about 2-3 times that of concrete structure, and the capital turnover is doubled, the financial cost is reduced, and the investment is saved.To China’s “first high-rise” Shanghai pudong “Jin Mao building”, for example, up to nearly 400 m structure subject only can finish the cap structure, with less than six months, and it can take two years to the steel structure period using local heating, high frequency current to make metal surface under the action of external force makes it welded, do not use any wire, flux, can be mass produced in succession.Due to the use of high quality steel coil, the shape of the section after welding is of excellent precision, so that the structure assembly is more convenient.The ratio of flange plate to web thickness can be increased. Compared with rolled section steel, members with higher bending resistance and cross section performance can be made under the same weight.Section size can be customized according to user requirements under the condition of mass use, can be produced according to the user specified section size.The microstructure of welding site is uniform. The microstructure of web material and flange plate material is uniform.Railway station canopy, steel structure workshop, public building, steel structure residence, airport exhibition hall, light rail subway guardrail, industrial equipment support, greenhouse and breeding farm, livestock farm, membrane structure and grid structure construction project.High frequency welded H-beam steel has good mechanical properties and strong bending resistance. Under the same load, it can save 10%-15% of metal compared with ordinary I-beam steel, reduce 30%-40% of structural weight in construction and 15%-20% in bridge.Compared with hot rolled H-beam, the wall is thin and uniform, and the section characteristics are better than traditional steel.High dimensional accuracy, can be customized according to the specified requirements;Production specifications more flexible, more complete, to meet user needs;Short delivery cycle, easy installation and construction.Folding benefit analysis Using high-frequency welding light H-beam steel material to develop light steel structure building :1, shorten the construction period of 30-50%, can accelerate the capital turnover, save interest;2. Increase the indoor use area by more than 5%, reduce the space loss, and reduce the comprehensive cost by about 20% compared with conventional buildings;3, due to the light weight of the structure, the foundation cost of the building is greatly reduced;4, production and installation is convenient, can achieve factory production;5, save the amount of steel, compared with hot rolled steel, save the amount of steel 10-30%, social benefit is very significant.