“TOP50 digital life apps in February” : meituan didi green orange shell hailo travel top 10

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On February 9, China’s TOP10 influential social think tank of the belt and road initiative, e-commerce research center, released the TOP50 list of digital life small programs in February 2022. The list was compiled based on the e-commerce database data.100ec.cn, and the statistical period is up to February 9.Digital life definition: Traditional life service e-commerce is based on the Internet to provide services for People’s Daily life consumption, which is divided into two categories: in-store service (including in-store catering, hotel, cinema, etc.) and home service (take-out, housekeeping, etc.).Under the digital wave, life service industry is also experiencing digital transformation.It has upgraded life service e-commerce to digital life, including the digitalization of catering takeout, travel, transportation, dating and dating, real estate, recruitment, home decoration, medical and health services and consumption.The TOP10 in the list are: meituan group purchase, didi qingju, huaxiaozhu taxi, shell, car come, sinopec one-button refueling, T3 travel, hello travel, palm bus, etc.The platforms ranked from 11 to 20 in order are: Express 100, Yto Express +, Anjuke buy a new house second-hand housing rental housing, Yunda Express, with the ride bai, 58 tongcheng, micro express, with the ticket treasure, 58 super job season recruitment looking for a job looking for a part-time job, long fold.The platforms ranked 21-30 in order are: Zhuhai Pass bus code, goods lala, Shentong Express, alumni bang, ETC assistant, family dating, Understand the car emperor App, Dada Express, Chengdu house purchase, convenient access.The platforms ranked 31-40 in order are: special call, 51 mahjong score, UU, Liaoning High-speed pass, love travel, I love my family buying second-hand housing rental new house prices, Yinxiang Star, China Telecom 5G membership, E line card, Chengdu small group.The platforms ranked from 41 to 50 in order are: Health Zhuhai, Hangzhou Fangxiaotuan, Fangtianxia House purchase, Pingfangdi, Ehi Car Rental, 10086 exclusive customer service, Yidianlai, Lianjia, Express assistant Cloud Printing, Leyoujia House new house second-hand house rental prices.As the front stage of the small program does not reflect any data identification, Aladdin index mainly selects multi-dimensional data through background monitoring for all-round evaluation.Features of the algorithm 1. Select four indicators of popularity, search, use and share, comprehensively consider multiple index elements, and comprehensively cover the main links of the whole process of small program application;2. Evaluate the relative position of the small program under each index, which can be compared with single dimension index or multi-dimension comprehensive comparison;3. Based on the promotion value of marketing time events to small program applications, it can dynamically reflect the changes of small program applications and reflect the monthly average application level in the form of lists every month.About Aladdin index through small program popularity, search, use, share and other indicators, scientific calculation of small program comprehensive score.Description of selected indicators: Popularity indicator (AU) : UV, refers to the actual user visits of the small program in the statistical period;Search indicator (Ah) : indicates the actual search times of the keywords associated with the mini program within the statistical period.Usage Indicator (AO) : indicates the number of times that users actually open the applet in a statistical period.Share indicator (AS) : indicates the number of shares after users use the mini program in a statistical period.About the growth index reflects the growth of small programs in a certain period of time, to help users find the growth of good quality small programs.In addition, the network learned that so far in February, digital life has the following hot events: Chuanmeituan launched “treasure box” low-key pilot group good goods On February 8, Meituan quietly in its e-commerce page online “treasure box” function, into the bureau grass track.According to the Treasure Chest Community Covenant, the feature was already available on December 16, 2021, but the entry is extremely deep.Recently, “Zhen Box” has been located in the eye-catching position of the home page of Meituan e-commerce, its name is obviously a homonym of “true fragrance”, and the Logo is the panda head Logo of group good goods.In this regard, Meituan said that the “precious box” is a group of good goods business pilot, is still in the “low-key” attempt.According to Tianyan App, the registered capital of Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co., LTD, an affiliate of Harlow Travel, has increased from 3.5 billion yuan to 4.4 billion yuan, an increase of about 25.71%.Founded in March 2016, the company’s legal representative is Ren Liangliang. Its business scope includes bike sharing services.Internet sales;Electric vehicle charging infrastructure operation, centralized rapid charging stations, etc., wholly owned by Jiangsu Haruo Puhui Technology Co., LTD.Health and exercise are the most important keywords of the Spring Festival, according to data released on Alipay’s open platform on Feb 6.The health service industry led the growth in small programs, with the Asian Cup and The Winter Olympics directly driving the boom in sports small programs and service access.During the Spring Festival, various industries got off to a good start with digital services. Online consultation, health card and other small programs in the health service industry led the way with a 325% month-on-month increase. Brand retail, offline catering, scenic spots and pet services also achieved overall growth.In addition, popular sports events also add a lot of New Year’s feeling. According to the data of Alipay platform, the search volume of “Women’s football” increased 178-fold in a week after The Chinese women’s football team advanced to the Asian Cup final, and the opening of the Winter Olympics boosted the visit volume of “China Sports” mini program by 900% month on month.