A traditional ceremony in fujian’s thousand-year-old village during the Spring Festival: “Blessing valley” is put into the barn to pray for the New Year

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The villagers gathered on the Shuiwei Bridge carrying rice, and the leaders made a “blessing seal” for rice.As the Spring Festival approaches, a traditional Blessing ceremony for the New Year is held in Liangdi Village, Jiangule County, Sanming City, Fujian Province.At the start of the ceremony, the villagers gathered at the village’s Shuiwei bridge carrying rice and stamped it with the barn seal handed down by their ancestors.One side of the barn seal is engraved with the Chinese character “Fu”, which means that rice will be blessed.Rice has also become a “blessing grain.”Then, the villagers carry “Fu Gu” marching in the village, every smiling face, housewives holding bowls, or steamed rice, standing at the door of their own, the leader of the lead to send “fu” word, and then sprinkle a small “Fu Gu”, meaning annual harvest, day by day.At the end of the ceremony, villagers work with children to decorate the barn and store the harvested rice in it.Elders also take this to teach the younger generation to cherish arable land, cherish food.It is understood that Liangdi Village is a famous Chinese historical and cultural village and a traditional Chinese village. Up to now, there are still 6 barns in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The function of storing grain has been used until now, which is rare.(Chen Huanhuan, Liu Xiaoyu, Dong Guansheng, Lin Jian) The villagers carry the “fu Gu” from shuiwei Bridge to the village.Villagers carry the “blessed valley” past the ancestral temple.Children carrying festive lanterns chase each other through the village alleys.Villagers carry “fu Gu” into the warehouse.Villagers collect their barn seals after “Fu Gu” is put into storage.Photo dong Guan Sheng led the way with children to brighten up the barn.Children hold lanterns and the Chinese character “fu”, smiling happily.Dong guansheng pastes Spring Festival couplets and takes photos with children in front of the barn.Photo by Dong Guansheng. Edited by Ye Mingting