Oriental luxury, from the extraordinary environment, a new generation of Infiniti QX60 new circle

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In China’s luxury brand market, in addition to BBA in the head camp, Infiniti, Lexus, Volvo, Cadillac, Lincoln and other brands are also unwilling to be left behind, presenting a competitive situation of contention of a hundred schools of thought.In the colorful luxury brand market, Infiniti has been gaining the same loyal fans with unique brand characteristics.Now Infiniti has recently accelerated the “refresh” of its products. With the emergence of the new infiniti QX60, the brand connotation of “modern Oriental luxury” of Infiniti has been enriched and deepened.December 16, a new generation of Infiniti QX60 announced under the Guangzhou tower officially opened the pre-sale, the new car has a total of elegant version, comfortable version, four-drive excellent version, four-drive luxury version, four-drive distinguished version, four-drive flagship version of 6 models to choose from, the pre-sale price range is 450-660,000 yuan, the car positioning as “modern Oriental luxury large SUV”,As a brand new product born after Infiniti’s in-depth investigation into China’s auto market and summing up its experience, and the third domestic model of Infiniti after Q50L and QX50, the brand new Infiniti QX60 has attracted extensive attention from consumers before it was launched. What surprises does this product bring to users?Here by our reporter to take you enjoy it together.| eyeball pen Oriental aesthetics is the Oriental aesthetic, cultured is the hidden nature fusion, with extensive pattern brings the powerful current, with elegant attitude show the eastern style.The new generation of Infiniti QX60 makes its debut in this way, which can be said to be full of sincerity, upgrading the quality of the whole vehicle to a new height.First in appearance, a new generation of infiniti QX60 adopts “fuhai piano painting” design language, at first glance, it has high identification, before the face of large size in the shape of a trapezoid intake grille and on both sides of the digital keys type lamps are perfect cohesion, front grille cascade type origami models, internal texture, reveals the deep design strength between details.Combined with the broad atmosphere of the front surrounded, the whole car’s front face thick thin, powerful and delicate.The side shape of the new car is very elegant, just like the natural transition between the two-color body and the black roof line, with A/B/C column fumigating treatment, making the visual effect of the vehicle more three-dimensional full.In the interior design of the new generation infiniti QX60 has adopted a new design approach.Semi-aniline luxury leather material is applied in many parts of the car, such as the steering wheel, instrument panel, one to two rows of seats, which not only highlights the luxury texture but also improves the comfort of driving and riding.The zero-gravity seat features a new, more ergonomic design that can effectively relieve the muscle stress caused by long hours of driving, plus digital temperature control heating, ventilation and massage functions to eliminate fatigue.In addition to the amazing appearance level, the huge body is also a major feature of the new generation infiniti QX60.The size of the new car reached 5127*2005*1767mm, leading the length of the same class.For now, the all-new Infiniti QX60 is the largest of the three domestic models, which means it will be able to provide consumers with even more space.The interior space of the new car also integrates the concept of Oriental architectural aesthetics, from the four dimensions of “simple, broad, hidden and clever”, showing the modern Oriental luxury extraordinary space design skills.The new generation Of Infiniti QX60 adheres to the idea of minimalist design, increasing the perspective of the front row and enhancing the rearview mirror, bringing users a wide driving experience.The layout of the theater seat is more ingenious for all three rows of passengers to bring a higher point of view, with two rows of leg, hip space and three rows of the same level of the leading seat space, there is no sense of constriction.At the same time, the storage space under the central console, the hidden storage box in the trunk, the front and back door panel storage lattice, the top glasses box and other ingenious and humanized storage space all over the body, the perfect use of the space in the car, provides convenience for the placement of all kinds of things.The new generation Infiniti QX60 is able to have a strong space expressive force, also benefits from its ubiquitous clever ideas and the ultimate use of space.The second and third rows of seats support 40:60 folding down, bringing ample luggage space.The one-button convenient access function of the third row brings great convenience for entering and leaving the third row.Under the design idea of Oriental aesthetics, the new generation Of Infiniti QX60 not only shows the high appearance level and strong recognition, but also caters to The pursuit of Luxury SUV by Chinese consumers, showing the most incisively and vividly the practicality.| luxury experience is the core element of luxury cars can hold a place in the passenger car market, the most important still is it gives the user the experience of the utmost respect.When all the major car companies are talking about luxury gimmick, Infiniti after a long time of precipitation and accumulation, the most concerned things of these consumers have been put into practice.First of all, the three-screen linkage combination of the new Infiniti QX60 has reached the current mainstream level. It has not only a 12.3-inch multi-touch HD central control screen and a full LCD HD dashboard, but also a 10.8-inch HUD head-up display system with a larger field of view and a rearview mirror inside streaming media.This set of digital multi-screen system, the entire cockpit is full of technological sense, but also from the maximum extent to enhance the user experience.The 12.3-inch multi-touch HD screen is equipped with the new Infiniti InTouch 2.0 intelligent interconnection system, which can control the Windows, sunroof, air conditioning and other in-car facilities. The system can recognize voice and respond to commands in a timely manner.The built-in Wi-Fi hotspot allows for online navigation, online music, online radio and car KTV, so that users will not feel bored even on long trips.A new generation of Infiniti QX60 will also show the beauty of silence, greatly improved sound insulation carpet, door insulation materials, combined with acoustic noise reduction sound insulation glass, aerodynamic optimization design, bring excellent calm.The New car also features a BOSE® Performance Zenith 17 speaker surround sound system, tuned specifically for the acoustic characteristics of the all-new Infiniti QX60. Seventeen high-performance speakers are cleverly arranged throughout the cabin, with each seat equipped with its own speaker, creating a rich and detailed auditory experience.Zone 3 constant temperature advanced air conditioning system can not only effectively filter PM2.5 and other fine dust particles, but also eliminate bacteria and allergens in the car, eliminate the odor in the car, so that every trip can enjoy pure and fresh.Oriental temperament, pay attention to the style and connotation, is meaningful but not boring unique taste and meticulous and intimate.The all-new infiniti QX60 shows luxury on top of luxury, satisfying all the pursuit of consumers for luxury brands.Wisdom is better | technology strength Is the escort travel abundant dynamic performance of high efficiency to bring new infiniti QX60 is easy, the carrying amount of the world’s first production 2.0 litres of VC – Turbo variable compression ratio Turbo engine, has the world’s first variable compression technology, can switch between 8:1 and when the compression ratio of free,With fuel economy and power output, it can adapt to a variety of driving styles.Matched with a 9-speed manual automatic transmission, it provides 185kW maximum power and 376N·m maximum torque. Fuel consumption per 100 km is 9.6L/9.8L under WLTC standard (two-drive/four-drive).On this basis, the intelligent four-wheel drive adopts the new all-drive logic and VDC dynamic control system to improve the tracking in low-adhesion curves, further improving the comfort and safety in a variety of road scenarios.The gold powertrains work together to adapt to a variety of driving styles, and the new Infiniti QX60 can easily navigate secluded countryside or bustling cities.Bring different driving fun for drivers.With the new and upgraded ProPILOT L2 Intelligent driver assistance system, the all-new Infiniti QX60 is enough to give users a safer and more comfortable supersensory ride.Equipped with 10 sonar probes, six cameras and three millimeter-wave radars, the system relies on ICC with Full Speedrange to maintain speed in the 0-144 km/h range and distance from the car in front, making driving easier.Lane keeping Assistance system (LKA) can ensure that the vehicle runs in the middle of the lane. When a large car passes by in the next lane, it can also adjust the position of the vehicle in the lane, away from danger.The Traffic Congestion Assistance System (TJP) can automatically resume driving within three seconds of stopping, which makes driving easier.It is worth mentioning that the navigation system of the new Infiniti QX60 has augmented AR real scene function, which can switch between 12.3-inch full LCD HD 3D dashboard and 12.3-inch multi-touch HD screen, truly achieving one’s will.In the process of driving, there will be dynamic reminders when approaching the roadside or turning corners, as well as rich data reminders such as destination distance and driving time, so that users can completely get rid of the constraints of mobile phones.As infiniti refresh, a new generation of infiniti QX60 either from the perspective of the Oriental aesthetic design of elegant unsurpassed, all show luxurious car experience, or deliberate fun to drive, it is with strength in the modern Oriental luxurious “condition since the special” rich connotation, I believe it will dominate large luxury SUV market,To set a milestone in the new direction of the Infiniti brand, let’s wait and see.