Remember the ice and snow sports

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As the Beijing Winter Olympics draws near, 300 million people will participate in ice and snow sports to promote physical exercise for all.I can’t help but recall when we were in primary school 60 years ago, our teachers led us to carry out the ice and snow sports by our own efforts.In the early 1960s, the eighth division of the XPCC set up a school in Nanshan Ziniquan Farm in Shihezi, which accepted more than 100 children of workers from Nanshan coal mine, Nanshan cement factory and Ziniquan farm. They could go home once a week and stay more than 10 kilometers at home.Previously, students had to travel to Shihezi, 100km away, and only return home once a semester.The school is a herdsman’s old sheepfold rebuilt, the conditions are simple, students sleep on the floor, light oil lamps, eat coarse grain.There is a lack of teaching facilities, and other sports activities are rope skipping, running and mountain climbing.In order to promote school sports, fan, a sports school graduate, thought of the school winter ice sports.There is a river under the west slope of the school, although the water flow is not big, but the spring water is long in the four seasons. With the support of the school, Teacher Fan mobilized senior students to build a 30-meter-long, 50-centimeter-high earth and stone barrage in the flat place downstream of the river.Winter comes, the upstream will form a 50 meters long, 20 meters wide, more than 1000 square meters of ice rink.Our winter sports are held on the ice rink.Teacher Fan has a pair of beautiful skating shoes. His superb skating performance is envied by everyone.The school bought a batch of simple skates, which can be strapped to cotton shoes for skating.Fan also instructed the blacksmith shop to build a batch of clay skates and taught parents to make wooden skate boards.Senior classes take turns in skating lessons, and ice sports flourish in the school.Fan also opened a ski slope on the shady hillside south of the school.Organize the lower grade students to carry out skiing activities, children sit on small plows, small boards, and even some people directly sit on the cardboard skiing.On New Year’s Day that year, our school also held a grand and exciting ice and snow sports meeting.Get warm praise from parents.