The fourth generation jiahua high-end practical flexible space layout

2022-05-03 0 By

With the continuous improvement of the three-child policy and other supporting measures, domestic consumers have increasingly strong demand for high-end MPV, and the fourth generation Jiahua emerged at the right moment.The design of the fourth generation Jia Hua adopts kia’s family design language, which is tough and angular, and also uses the new Kia brand LOGO.Very individual split headlamp modelling, daily running light and turn signal design became irregular line modelling.In terms of light source, the vehicle adopts full LED headlights.The front face of the vehicle uses a chrome – plated horizontal bar grille modeling, fashion instantly burst.In terms of size, the length, width and height of the vehicle are 5155/1995/1795mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3090mm. The vehicle size is remarkable in the same level.The side configuration of the vehicle is also rich, in addition to the luggage rack, but also the rear two rows of privacy glass, while the rear view mirror has a 360° panoramic camera, turn on the turn signal, you can directly see the side image on the central control screen.The vehicle is equipped with keyless entry, the left and right rear electric sliding door, but also can be opened directly through the button, easy and convenient operation.The rear shape is also very full, while the D-pillar is treated to create the effect of suspension roof, and the position of C-pillar is decorated with a silver piece to increase the visual effect of the side.The 18-inch multi-spoke wheel rims are 235/60 R18 and are stylish, with Kumho tires.The interior of the fourth generation Jia Hua also adopts kia’s family-style style, adopting the popular horizontal through-through central control console design, and the air conditioning air outlet is integrated in the central control.Materials and workmanship to maintain a consistent level, the whole central control above the use of soft material package.The door area, the area that the human hand can touch, is covered with leather and embellished with stitching.The steering wheel uses the traditional style of Kia family, modelling is full, feel solid still has the function such as steering wheel heating and dial, configuration performance is also complete enough.The vehicle adopts a 12.3-inch multimedia central control screen. The system adopted is consistent with that on K5_. The interface and UI are beautiful, and the functions are quite comprehensive, supporting voice recognition, remote control, mobile phone interconnection and other functions.Multimedia and air conditioning control area adopts touch operation, supplemented by knob and dial lever adjustment, more in line with daily driving habits, easy to travel, say goodbye to the chaos.The rear knob is the vehicle control area, you can see the vehicle configuration is very rich, in addition to AUTOHOLD, electronic parking, but also with the front seat heating ventilation, steering wheel heating and many other functions.The front seat of the vehicle is very thick, the leather is very soft, the front seat of the main and passenger seats are electrically adjusted, the main driver with and two groups of location memory.The second row contains two independent aviation seats that can be manually moved forward and backward and left and right, as well as electrically adjusted independent leg supports.The third row of the vehicle adopts the sunken folding storage, and the bottom of the trunk can provide a very large storage space when using, while the trunk is also provided with a storage compartment.The third row of seats through the handle for storage, the back of the chair and detailed operation steps, very simple.The third row of seats after the storage of the trunk is very neat, the second row of seats can not be further expanded, but its space has been able to meet most of the family needs.Learn more about the fourth generation Jia Hua, welcome to the store experience test drive!Antian Dikai sales hotline: 0551-65118080