The proportion of male and female gout is seriously unbalanced. Why are men only favored?Or it has to do with four factors

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Gout has always been a chronic disease that afflicts people.During the attack of gout, patients may feel intense pain, and the joint area may be cut or torn like pain, and even affect the normal function of the joint, causing symptoms such as redness, swelling, heat and pain.To avoid triggering gout, many people want to prevent hyperuricemia in advance and protect the joints.However, the investigation shows that the proportion of male and female gout patients in China is seriously unbalanced, about 20:1 relationship.Of these, 20 are males.A recent survey also found that 25.1% of men and 15.9% of women in China’s Han population aged between 20 and 80 have hyperuricemia.Why do men get the “favor” of gout alone?Why do Women Escape Gout?Compared to the number of men with gout, the proportion of women with gout is very low.Data show that about 95% of primary gout occurs in men, and only a very small percentage of women are likely to develop primary gout after menopause.The root of the problem lies in the female body has a natural “protective goddess” – estrogen.This hormone helps the kidneys metabolize uric acid in women.Uric acid concentration will not continue to rise, naturally, it is not easy to appear uric acid crystals, to avoid the deposition of uricite to induce gout.However, it is necessary to remind female friends that women may also face a higher risk of gout during menopause. During this period, the estrogen level in women’s body decreases seriously, which cannot play a protective role.Women should also be prepared in advance.For postmenopausal women, and for many men, preventing gout is key.After all, not everyone gets the benefit of estrogen, which helps metabolize uric acid in the body.People targeted by gout may have four characteristics: 1. Overweight and obese patients with hyperlipidemia and other chronic diseases have a relatively balanced metabolism in their bodies. When obesity and overweight occur, hormone secretion may be affected and metabolism may be disturbed.In obese people, excessive fat and uric acid are more likely to affect the metabolic function of the kidney.If there are chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, the risk of hyperuricemia is also higher.2. Intemperate diet and excessive drinking People who usually like to eat seafood, animal offal, and drink for entertainment are often at higher risk of gout.Because most of these foods contain a high purine value, it may cause elevated blood uric acid, which can cause gout.Although drinking does not take in more purines, it will affect the metabolism of uric acid in the kidney and increase the level of uric acid, which may also increase the probability of gout in a disguised way.3. Kidney disease, kidney failure and other problems already exist in the human body, or even kidney failure and other problems, will affect uric acid metabolism because of reduced kidney metabolism and incomplete kidney function.Such people are more likely to develop uric acid deposits and even develop gout.In this case, kidney problems should be treated more aggressively and uric acid levels should be raised.4. Long-term use of aspirin, diuretics and other drugs In the case of long-term use of some drugs may lead to the inhibition of metabolites in the body, or affect the increase of uric acid level.There is also a higher risk of gout.If you have this trigger, check your blood uric acid regularly to prevent side effects.The proportion of men and women suffering from gout is greatly unbalanced, and the “favor” of men may be related to the low estrogen levels in the body.And in addition to this biological difference, there are probably four other factors that you should pay attention to in advance.Reference materials: 1, 10 gout 9 male?Why does gout favor men?2. Why does gout go back and forth?Why does Gout favor boys over girls?3. The male to female ratio of gout is 20:1. What is the female unique “talisman” of gout?· Health ·2022-2-10# Healthy year of the Tiger #